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Use Case:

Enable digital oil and gas operations 

Increase productivity with a versatile, service-aware network

Transition to digital oil and gas operations with Nokia’s secure, reliable, high-bandwidth communications solutions. Our converged networks are tailored to the unique needs of oil and gas operators. They provide the ideal combination of wireless broadband and IP-based technologies for the real-time critical connections that enable big data communication for more efficient extraction of hydrocarbons from more distant fields more safely.

Challenge: Transition communications to enable improved digital operations

The volume of data generated by current and future M2M and IoT systems cannot be properly supported by legacy communication infrastructures. These independent networks were not engineered to enable real-time communication of high-volume, bandwidth-hungry, critical data with the highest QoS. And much of the networking equipment upon which these networks are built has reached — or is approaching — end-of-life.

Solution: Private LTE wireless broadband and IP/MPLS network

Private communications infrastructures built on LTE wireless broadband and IP/MPLS provide the right technology combination to enable big data communication for digital oil and gas operations. These technologies provide the flexibility, scalability, predictability, and resiliency needed to enable secure communications for a variety of critical applications.

Streamline operations


Monitor, manage and automate critical processes for remote wellheads, pipelines and collection points

Improve safety


Safeguard staff and facilities with high definition video monitoring and sensor applications

Increase productivity


Accelerate decision making by facilitating collaboration between frontline personnel and experts

Nokia networking solutions for oil and gas enable converged network architectures based on the ideal mix of advanced technologies:

  • A converged, service-aware, mission-critical WAN composed of IP/MPLS, packet optical, and packet microwave platforms
  • An LTE wireless broadband network that leverages the most advanced radio access technologies, including small cells and macro cells for maximum coverage and capacity to extend the WAN to offshore rigs, remote well heads, processing stations and field personnel
  • Push-to-talk and push-to-video solutions and applications that enable ongoing, real-time communications between operations centers and personnel in remote locations
  • Innovative, compact and ultra-compact, rapidly deployable LTE solutions with different form factors for emergency and disaster recovery situations and to establish coverage in remote areas
  • Holistic security management that spans multi-vendor and multi-technology IT and OT environments

Make your move to more efficient digital oil and gas operations


We provide integrated, end-to-end solutions that enable deployment of private LTE and IP/MPLS networks that deliver the communications transition for digitalization with critical connections for more efficient oil and gas operations. From feasibility studies, conception and design to engineering, procurement, supply, implementation, operation and maintenance, our services and solutions extend your on- and off-shore reach, improve efficiency, enhance safety and lower risk.


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