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Use Case:

Build a single, mission-critical communications system for a smart connected airport

Lay the foundation for increased operational efficiency, better passenger experience and generate non-aeronautical revenue

The Nokia use case for building a smart, mission-critical connected airport is based on establishing a single, multi-service network that reduces OpEx while generating non-aeronautical revenue. By providing airport tenants, such as retail outlets and airlines, with fixed and wireless connectivity, airport operators can grow their bottom line, increase safety, and improve the passenger experience—all at the same time.

Challenge: Improve passenger experience, increase operational efficiency and improve financial success.

Today’s airports handle millions of passengers each year while housing thousands of employees – from air traffic control, to customs, to concessions. To serve their needs, airports must meet not only the highest standards of safety with a smart, mission-critical communications system, but also compete financially by reducing OpEx and attracting new passengers with enhanced broadband services.

Solution: Deploy a converged multi-service mission-critical network for airports

The Nokia mission-critical communications solution for airports features a converged, multiservice network that delivers the highest levels of operational efficiency with just one network to optimize and maintain. And with true broadband access, passengers get enhanced services, such as infotainment. That’s important because, by enabling a better overall customer experience, airports can grow their revenue.

passenger experience


Offer attractive and innovative ultra-broadband services to your passenger



Single platform reduces cost of maintaining multiple disparate networks and get ready for future



Converged multi-service network allows new business cases

Like small cities, communications is key to airport success, safety, and revenue growth. Whether it’s gate-to-gate connectivity, passenger clearance, or baggage processing, airport operators need a solid foundation for building a smart, mission-critical communications system.

The challenges

In a fiercely competitive environment, airport operators need to reduce OpEx while generating revenue by attracting airport tenants with fixed and wireless access, as well as passengers with enhanced broadband services. At the same time, airport operators need to support legacy applications while moving to IP/MPLS and LTE networks—networks that meet the capacity demands for next-generation communications services. And they want to do all this on a single mission-critical, multiservice network, avoiding the costs of siloed networks using multiple technologies run by different managers.

Why Nokia

The Nokia solution for a mission-critical airport communications system meets these challenges and more. With a single, multi-service network that increases efficiencies and reduces costs, operators can remain competitive while offering revenue-enhancing broadband services. For example, our IP/MPLS and LTE networks let operators sell fixed and wireless connectivity to a wide variety of airport tenants, including airlines, retail outlets and ground handlers—in addition to assuring strict segregation of services.

Furthermore, airport operators can also take advantage of our end-to-end, mission-critical portfolio that builds on our innovation at Nokia Bell Labs, as well as our global leadership in IP/MPLS and LTE technology.

Discover how Helsinki airport uses a private LTE network for their business critical applications.


Meet your business imperatives with a converged, smart, and mission-critical airport communications system

Nokia helps airport operators build communications networks that meet and exceed the expectations of airport tenants and passengers alike. Moreover, with our leadership in IP/MPLS and LTE networks, operators can migrate to a single, multi-service broadband platform capable of supporting mission-critical functions while also boosting revenues for non-aeronautical broadband services.

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