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Railway solutions for safe, on-time, and connected journeys

Communication networks play a crucial role in helping railway operators and public transport authorities ensure safe, on-time, and connected journeys.

Nokia helps guarantee future-proof investments with carrier-grade, highly reliable network solutions based on standardized technologies. We are also enabling smooth migration of legacy products and services towards the next generation of Railways broadband technology.

The rapid build-up of China’s railways poses challenges in ensuring the safety and reliability of operations. The solution lies in our advanced mission-critical, end-to-end GSM-R solution.

The future of transport is just around the corner. Operations are more efficient, responses are faster, travel is safer and passengers get to their destinations quicker.

Key challenges for rail operators today are the same for tomorrow: safety is the number one priority. Communication is crucial, as well as improving travel experience and attracting more passengers.

A promising solution lies with a unified ground-to-train radio networks based on 4G LTE technology. We, within a consortium called SYSTUF, conducted a trial project in Paris.

With IP network, one of North America’s largest freight railways upgraded its communications network to enhance safety, improve operational efficiency, and support future business expansion.

Our experts demonstrated our capability for providing end-to end solutions and showed how we are helping our customers from the railways sector at InnoTrans 2016.


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We are a unique vendor in the industry with a complete end-to-end Railway communications portfolio including the world leading GSM-R solution, LTE for railways, Broadband on trains, reliable backhauling network and a dedicated professional service team with proven turnkey capability and global presence.

Our highly secure and resilient wireless and fixed communications networks designed for urban, mass transit, main line and freight rail operators are based on industry standards to guarantee interoperability and long term support.