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Safe, on-time, and connected journeys

Nokia critical communication solutions form the foundation for Smart Airports, deliver on the key ANSP requirements and elevate broadband to the skies.


AIRPORT Airports who manage to achieve operational and safety excellence through a smart airport strategy will win out in competition and financials.
ANSP ANSP requires a ground-ground platform with the highest possible resilience to failure and resistance to external interference.
AIRLINES Airlines should ensure passengers get true broadband internet during the flight.


Establish the mission-critical communication systems foundation for a smart, connected airport.

Ground ground mission-critical communication for efficient Air Traffic Management

Air-to-ground technology to provide broadband connectivity to continental flights.

AIRPORTS are like cities in microcosm, and they face many of the same challenges as the cities they serve. Airport operators are looking to enhance safety and security for both travelers and employees, at a time when threats have been increasing. They need to manage costs and find new sources of revenue to maintain balanced, sustainable budgets. Most importantly, airports need to make themselves attractive. Commercial aviation is a very competitive business, and the airports that offer the most attractive facilities and amenities — along with operational excellence — tend to win out in the competition for routes and travelers. To accomplish these objectives, airports need to make their operations and services much smarter.

Nokia Airport solutions address the foundation for smart airports.

ANSP’s key requirements are centered on security and service continuity. It is crucial that ANSP operations are protected to the greatest possible degree during normal operations using a Ground – Ground solution with the highest possible resilience to failure and resistance to external interference. Of equal importance is that ANSP operations are migrated seamlessly from the legacy platform to the new platform during the proposed platform replacement.

In operational life, ANSP requires a versatile IP/MPLS platform which allows it to continue to deliver current services for its users – but also allows it to deliver new services which further enhance its security and capabilities.

Nokia ANSP Ground – Ground solutions deliver the most versatile legacy support, Continuity, Reliability and features a secure and managed platform.

The global AIRLINE market serves over 3.7 Billion passengers annually. Passenger traffic totals continue to rise, with great competition among airlines to provide best-in-class in-flight services. Key among these is broadband connectivity for passengers. Today’s passengers are increasingly accustomed to broadband connections anywhere, 24/7 – driven by the need to stay in touch with family, enjoy entertainment and maintain critical business communications. When they fly, they want broadband connectivity equal to that they’ve experienced from terrestrial network

Nokia offers a 4G LTE Air to Ground solution that allow broadband high-speed internet to be elevated to the skies. Based on state-of-the-art LTE technology and access to sufficient spectrum resources, this integrated network will offer airlines the world’s fastest in-flight broadband connectivity service.

Ready for a safe, on-time, and connected journey?