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NRS II Exam Preparation Resources

Here are some great new SRC resources to help get you prepared for the Nokia Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II) certification exams.

Learning Essentials video series - New!

The SRC Learning Essentials video series is a collection of short, highly informative video training sessions focused on subjects relevant to courses, exams, and certifications in the SRC program. The content for each video is adapted from SRC course material and contains a combination of lecture and router CLI demonstrations.

Two video series are currently available. “Preparing for the NRS II Exams” is a collection of six videos designed specifically to help individuals prepare for the NRS II certification written and lab exams. The second series, “Tips on Network and Service Router Security,” is adapted from the four-day course Nokia Network and Service Router Security (TTP30096) and provides an excellent overview of several of the topics covered in the course.

NRS II Practice Exam - New!

The NRS II Certification Practice Exam is a downloadable PDF document filled with dozens of questions that will test your knowledge and help prepare you for the Nokia NRS II written exams. Practice questions are included for all of the NRS II certification focus areas – Interior Routing Protocols, IP/MPLS, and Services Architecture. An answer key is included at the end of the document for you to compare your responses with.

My SR Lab - Special Offer!

If you are not already familiar with Nokia My SR Lab, here is your chance to learn more about it through our free NRS II Lab Exam Preparation offer. Sign-up before March 31, 2017 and get nine free hours of remote lab access time plus any three of the NRS II lab practice scenarios. My SR Lab is a great hands-on learning tool that can help you prepare for the NRS II, MRP, and SRA practical lab exams. Instructions on how to register for the free trial are provided at the end of this page.

Nokia Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II) Self-Study Guide:

Preparing for the Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II) Certification Exams
(ISBN 978-0-470-94772-2)

While this book is not a new resource, it is your official self-study guide for the Nokia Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II) certification. The book is loaded with training content, practice questions, and lab exercises and is invaluable in helping you prepare for the NRS II exams. Learn more about the NRS II Self-Study guide.


We hope you will take advantage of these valuable resources as you prepare for your Nokia NRS II certification! For any questions or comments, please send an email to

How to Sign-up for the My SR Lab promotional offer

Your nine hours of My SR Lab time and three lab practice scenarios can be obtained by following the few steps below. Labs are conveniently available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.

Using the promotional code below, please initiate a lab purchase as follows (you will not be charged):

1. Access the following link:

2. If you do not already have a Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) account, please follow the instructions to create one

3. If you already have a Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) account, select “access your My SR Lab Dashboard”


5. Select the Individual Purchase Type (you will NOT be charged)

6. Request three sessions (nine hours of total lab time) and three scenarios

7. In the payment method section, select Purchase Order

8. In the Purchase Order # box, enter the promotion code: MyNL_ONC

Once we receive your request with the above promotional code, we will approve it free of charge. Please note that your purchase request will be rejected if you select more than the three sessions included as part of the promotional offer. If you experience any problems in completing this purchase, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at