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Nokia Services Architecture

The Nokia Services Architecture course is an introduction to Nokia's concept of the service implementation. Students are walked through the steps for deploying virtual private network (VPN) and residential services in a service provider’s multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network. Various services supported in the Nokia service routing portfolio are covered in this course — Internet enhanced service (IES), virtual private wire service (VPWS), virtual private LAN service (VPLS), and virtual private routed network service (VPRN). Service mirroring and service OAM are also covered.

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4 Days (classroom hours and in-depth lab training)


Nokia Services Architecture (4A0-104)

Credit Towards Certification

  • Nokia Network Routing Specialist II
  • Nokia Service Routing Architect

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Nokia Scalable IP Networks
  • Nokia Multiprotocol Label Switching

Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic overall understanding of Nokia services
  • Differentiate between service access point (SAP) and network ports
  • Provide an explanation for a service delivery point (SDP) and differentiate between mesh and spoke SDPs
  • Differentiate between transport tunnels and service tunnels
  • Correctly analyze the implications of maximum transmission unit (MTU) size
  • Use the correct operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) tools to analyze a configured system
  • Correctly define the terms related to VPWS services such as Epipe, Apipe, Fpipe, and Ipipe
  • Correctly configure an Epipe service
  • Manage Epipe services given an existing infrastructure including modifying, deleting, disabling, re-enabling, and creating these services
  • Explain the issues related to VPWS interworking
  • Describe the purpose and operation of a VPLS service
  • Explain the different types of SAP encapsulations and describe their behaviour
  • Correctly configure a VPLS service
  • Define and configure an Internet enhanced service (IES)
  • Configure an IES spoke termination to a VPLS service
  • Identify reasons to use mirror services and differentiate between local and distributed mirror services
  • Configure and verify the operation of a remote mirror service
  • Identify the protocols and technologies required to implement VPRN service
  • Explain the interaction between the control and data plane of a VPRN service
  • Configure, verify, and troubleshooot an IPv4 and IPv6 VPRN Service

Course Modules

  • Module 1 - Services Overview and Implementation
  • Module 2 - Virtual Private Wire Service
  • Module 3 - Virtual Private LAN Service
  • Module 4 - Operations, Administration, and Maintenance
  • Module 5 - Internet Enhanced Service
  • Module 6 - Service Mirroring
  • Module 7 - Virtual Private Routed Network Service




Schedule and Locations

Nokia Services Architecture

Price for this course is $2775 (USD) per seat
Start Date End Date Location Delivery Provider
26 Apr 21 29 Apr 21 France - Paris Virtual NOKIA Register
17 May 21 20 May 21 India - Bangalore Virtual NOKIA Register
17 May 21 20 May 21 USA - Plano Virtual NOKIA Register
26 Jul 21 29 Jul 21 India - Bangalore Virtual NOKIA Register
02 Aug 21 05 Aug 21 USA - Plano Virtual NOKIA Register
08 Nov 21 11 Nov 21 India - Bangalore Virtual NOKIA Register
08 Nov 21 11 Nov 21 USA - Plano Virtual NOKIA Register
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