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Nokia Border Gateway Protocol

The Nokia Border Gateway Protocol course provides an in-depth look at border gateway protocol (BGP), the Internet’s backbone routing protocol, with a step-by-step analysis of its components and operation. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have an excellent understanding of the theory and configuration of BGP.

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4 Days (classroom hours and in-depth lab training)


Nokia Border Gateway Protocol (4A0-102)

Credit Towards Certification

Recommended Prerequisites

Credit for other IP certifications

If you have already received an IP certification from Cisco or Juniper, and your certification is still valid, you may be eligible to receive credit towards prerequisite written exams in the Nokia Service Routing Certification program. To find out which third-party certifications are eligible for credit, which SRC exam exemptions you may be qualified to receive, and instructions on how to request an exemption, please visit Please note that your third-party certification must be current/active to receive credit.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the basic Internet Architecture and related elements
  • Describe the role of BGP in service provider networks
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of BGP mechanics and the role of BGP attributes
  • Explain the interaction between BGP and interior gateway protocol (IGP)
  • Plan and implement a basic BGP network using Nokia SR OS
  • Successfully configure, monitor and troubleshoot a network of multiple BGP peers
  • Implement BGP policies in an Nokia environment
  • Verify and troubleshoot the results of the policies configurations
  • Scale iBGP by deploying confederations or route reflections
  • Configure and verify BGP confederations
  • Configure and verify BGP route reflections
  • Describe the effect of using advertise-external feature on BGP route propagation
  • Explain BGP add-paths feature
  • Describe the operation of BGP fast reroute
  • Configure and verify BGP advertise-external, add-paths, and FRR on Nokia SR

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Inter-Domain Routing and BGP Overview
  • Module 2 – Implementing BGP in a Nokia Environment
  • Module 3 – Implementing Policy in a Nokia Environment
  • Module 4 – Scaling iBGP
  • Module 5 – Advanced BGP Features
  • Module 6 – Summary


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Schedule and Locations

Nokia Border Gateway Protocol

Price for this course is $3125 (USD) per seat
Start Date End Date Location Delivery Provider
12 Apr 21 15 Apr 21 France - Paris Virtual NOKIA Register
26 Apr 21 29 Apr 21 India - Bangalore Virtual NOKIA Register
26 Apr 21 29 Apr 21 USA - Plano Virtual NOKIA Register
12 Jul 21 15 Jul 21 India - Bangalore Virtual NOKIA Register
19 Jul 21 22 Jul 21 France - Paris Virtual NOKIA Register
19 Jul 21 22 Jul 21 USA - Plano Virtual NOKIA Register
04 Oct 21 07 Oct 21 France - Paris Virtual NOKIA Register
18 Oct 21 21 Oct 21 India - Bangalore Virtual NOKIA Register
18 Oct 21 21 Oct 21 USA - Plano Virtual NOKIA Register
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