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Nokia Mobile Routing Professional (MRP) Certification

The Nokia Mobile Routing Professional (MRP) certification focuses on teaching the skills and best practices needed for designing and delivering scalable, highly-reliable IP/MPLS mobile networks and services. A professional workforce certified at the Mobile Routing Professional level provides operators with significant network, operational and business advantages. Benefits include faster time-to-market, higher reliability and availability, stronger operational efficiencies and high scalability for delivering profitable mobile services.

MRP Key Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully obtaining MRP certification, students will have developed a strong technical and working level understanding of the design and implementation principles of IP/MPLS mobile backhaul and evolved packet core networks including architectures, components, interfaces, and best practices. While the certification focuses on Nokia service routing technology, students can leverage the knowledge and skill gained and apply them to any standardized 2G, 3G or LTE mobile transport environment. Refer to the MRP certification brochure for further details on learning objectives.

Certification Requirements

Exam requirements and recommended courses for acquiring the MRP certification are provided in the table below. Candidates are not required to enroll in the recommended course to achieve the MRP certification however passing the mandatory exams and the NRS II and MRP practical lab exams are required.

For the certification exams below, candidates have the option to write the single NRS II Composite Exam (4A0-C01) OR write the following three individual exams.

  • Nokia Interior Routing Protocols (4A0-101)
  • Nokia Multiprotocol Label Switching (4A0-103)
  • Nokia Services Architecture (4A0-104)

The NRS II Composite Exam (4A0-C01) combines content from three individual exams into a single, integrated exam. Refer to the NRS II Composite exam page for further details.

For the recertification exams below, candidates have the option to write either the 4A0-M01 OR the 4A0-M02 exam.

Exams, Courses, Workshops and Publications

Mandatory Exam(s) for MRP Certification

Exam Name Number Prerequisite Exam(s)
Nokia Scalable IP Networks 4A0-100 N/A
Nokia Interior Routing Protocols 4A0-101 N/A
Nokia Multiprotocol Label Switching 4A0-103 N/A
Nokia Services Architecture 4A0-104 N/A
Nokia Quality of Service 4A0-107 N/A
Nokia IP/MPLS Mobile Backhaul Transport 4A0-M01 N/A
Nokia Mobile Gateways for the LTE Evolved Packet Core 4A0-M02 N/A
Nokia NRS II Lab Exam NRSII4A0 4A0-100
Nokia MRP Lab Exam MRP4A0 4A0-100

Elective Exam(s) for MRP Certification

Exam Name Number Prerequisite Exam(s)

Exam(s) for MRP Recertification

Publication(s) of Interest for MRP Certification

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