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Zone applications

Zone applications amplify visitor experience, enhance venue operations and increase revenue

Offer visitors an immersive digital experience at the venue, such as, live video feeds and instant replays in a stadium, augmented reality to discover products in a retail store, and precision wayfinding including queueing states in busy transportation hubs.

Provide venue staff the tools to significantly enhance safety and security, by leveraging private LTE connectivity for robust voice and video communications and for video surveillance.

Increase revenues through higher attendance and from sellable in-app functionalities, highly contextual advertisements, and increased consumptions stimulated by focused mobile campaigns.

Nokia Zone Applications offer mutual business benefits across a wide range of public and private venues


Nokia Zone Applications leverages Multi-access Edge Computing improving application latency, robustness, and interactivity


For operators

  • “Wow” experience and innovator perception at key (iconic) locations
  • Eased access to indoor locations, opportunity for 3rd party-led installations and SCaaS* business model
  • Additional revenue from B2B services
  • Shorter ROI for deploying small cells and WiFi

*Small Cell as a Service, that is, infrastructure deployed by neutral host and leased back to operator

For venue owners

  • High performance connectivity and immersive applications as a reason to come and stay longer
  • Additional revenue from increased visitor consumption and 3rd parties such as advertisers and tenants
  • Enhanced venue security through video systems and lower costs through private LTE communications
  • Minimal financial and user non-adoption risk through SW subscription model

For event visitors’ benefits – see the intro 

Zone applications, powered by Multi-access Edge Computing, can be deployed on any wireless network infrastructure, be it cellular or Wi-Fi, or a combination of both.

Nokia Zone applications is a solution that amplifies visitor experience, enhances venue safety, and increases revenue. It leverages Multi-access Edge Computing for providing a step change in application latency, robustness, and interactivity. Zone applications offer mutual business benefits to mobile operators, neutral host providers, and venue owners, across a wide range of public and private venues.