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Copper – FTTx

Accelerate ultra-broadband deployment with FTTx

Our FTTx solutions help you use innovations like VDSL2 vectoring,, and micro-nodes to get more speed and value from your access network. They put your existing assets to work so you can roll out ultra-broadband services faster and get the fastest possible return on your investment.

Get the right mix of fiber and DSL technologies

DSL services fueled the Internet revolution by bringing broadband to the masses. Now, FTTx deployments are taking bit rates to new heights and accelerating ultra-broadband rollouts around the world. To succeed with ultra-broadband, you need technologies that align with your business goals.

Our FTTx solutions let you combine different technologies to suit your needs. We help you get the right mix so you can deliver the high bit rates everyone wants at the lowest possible cost. We also help you build long-term value: Your investment in fiber for FTTx will pay dividends as an incremental step towards FTTH.


VDSL2 vectoring

VDSL2 has the potential to bring ultra-broadband to every subscriber. But combining VDSL2 lines in the same cable creates crosstalk, a type of interference that hinders performance.

Our VDSL2 vectoring technology cancels crosstalk. It allows you to deliver bit rates of 100 Mbps or more on all your VDSL2 lines.

Discover our VDSL2 vectoring solution



Our micro-nodes fill the gap between FTTH and FTTN. Small and discreet, they can be deployed economically at any "fiber to the distribution point" (FTTdp) location close to end users. With micro-nodes, you can add flexibility to your network and bring ultra-broadband wherever users need it.

Learn more about micro-nodes can deliver aggregate bit rates of more than 1 Gbps on short copper loops. Our FTTx solutions help you use to accelerate FTTH rollouts and extend ultra-broadband to any user. They let you meet the demand for faster services while reducing costs and avoiding the challenges involved in extending fiber to every home.

Learn how to get to faster

Get full value from your copper plant

Nokia is a recognized DSL leader and innovator. We constantly push the limits of copper technology, and have achieved industry firsts in ADSL, VDSL2 bonding, VDSL2 vectoring, and Our innovations and experience can help you breathe new life into copper and roll out fast broadband services faster.

A history of "firsts"

Our DSL achievements

  • FIRST in VDSL2 and DSL
  • FIRST commercial VDSL2 bonding solution
  • FIRST to market with VDSL2 vectoring
  • FIRST to trial vectoring
  • FIRST to prove that copper can support 1 Gbps symmetrical
  • FIRST to reach 10 Gbps on copper lines — a world record

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