Fixed Access

Bring Ultra-Broadband to any User

Alcatel-Lucent’s high-capacity fiber access and copper access solutions help service providers, utilities and governments stay ahead of the growing demand for ultra-broadband. We offer you the fastest and most cost-effective means to bring more bandwidth to more people.

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Bandwidth demand is surging. Forecasts suggest that consumers will need 100 Mbps of bandwidth by 2020, with video driving the surge.

But it’s not all about entertainment. Governments worldwide recognize the socioeconomic benefits of broadband, and many have set national broadband targets. End-users want to have access to the latest generation of broadband services, and operators need to be ahead of the competition.

You need to help your customers meet those targets and those demands. To do so, you need to be faster to meet demand. Closer to your customer. And first to new opportunities with new innovations.

Faster to meet demands

People and governments are demanding more bandwidth for digital lifestyles and economies. Alcatel-Lucent Ultra-Broadband access solutions use the latest fiber access and copper access technologies so you can deliver high capacity broadband fast - sustainably, where it’s needed, and at the lowest cost. And, with innovations such as vectoring for copper and OTDR for fiber, you get the fastest possible return on your investment.

Closer to your customers

Network infrastructure is a major investment. You need to be sure that your fiber infrastructures support escalating demands. But you need to keep leveraging existing copper infrastructures, too. Alcatel-Lucent Ultra-Broadband access portfolio lets you deploy a cost-effective mix of fiber access and copper access technologies to bring ultra-broadband closer to your customers while reducing your environmental impact.

First to new opportunities

Universal broadband targets call for 100 Mbps per person by 2020, but most people don’t want to wait that long. You need to capture their attention now, before your competitors do. Alcatel-Lucent Ultra-Broadband access portfolio helps you connect more subscribers so you can be first to increase your competitive advantage and bridge the digital divide. Our latest VDSL2 micro-nodes, allow you to be first to deploy ultra-broadband closer to more customers.

Delivering ultra-broadband means more than high speed connectivity from the home to the office and all points in between. It also means making your network more agile, efficient and creative. Alcatel-Lucent Ultra-Broadband solutions build on our IP networking, service routing and transport expertise to help fixed operators flexibly scale capacity and performance in the Metro, Edge and Core and deliver innovative, multi-media services for residential, business and mobile customers.

Ultra-broadband also extends our IP capabilities to the cloud, where networks are software defined and network functions are virtualized. With our Ultra-Broadband solutions, we can help you build cloud infrastructures and offer innovative cloud services that deliver new experiences and yield new revenue streams. Find out more about the Alcatel-Lucent Ultra-Broadband, IP and Cloud portfolios.

Accelerating ultra-broadband
deployments with micro-nodes

Alcatel-Lucent ISAM solutions, now extended with new micro-nodes, enable operators to further optimize the business case. Micro-nodes provide flexibility to deploy fiber to virtually any location close to the end-user (manhole, street pole, front door etc) and reach any type of customer. Because all ultra-broadband deployments are different, our unique "Micro-node Custom Configuration" (MC2) approach allows you to fine tune access deployment to YOUR needs. Alcatel-Lucent brings these components together as a catalyst to optimize your business case and accelerate deployments.

Get to Fast,

Fast broadband

The tools operators need to meet end-user demand for ultra-broadband services.

Faster time to market

A smart deployment strategy using the right combination of access technologies to cover a large number of users.

Fastest ROI

Cutting edge technology and continuous innovation for cost-effective deployment and increased revenue potential.

Build a fiber access network

If you’re considering a high-capacity fiber access network, it’s because you know that bandwidth demand is increasing.

You know that fiber to the home (FTTH) delivers superior entertainment experiences.

And you know that FTTH brings socioeconomic benefits through increased access to e-healthcare, e-learning and other online services.

Alcatel-Lucent helps you build a fiber network for the future. We keep you ahead of the bandwidth curve by combining our access technology expertise with the highest-capacity fiber access solution on the market. And we use our deep experience to reduce deployment risks and improve the business case for fiber.

With innovations built into our fiber access node, you can meet today’s bandwidth requirements and start pursuing tomorrow’s bandwidth targets.

We power fiber roll-outs around the world – from the largest national broadband projects to small city networks.

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Turbocharge copper access

You can get more speed and value from your existing copper DSL network using Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 vectoring solution.

VDSL2 can reach 100 Mbps. But interference, or noise, among the VDSL2 lines in a cable bundle reduces performance.

VDSL2 vectoring is a noise-cancelling technology. It cuts out all the noise, allowing each VDSL2 line to operate at peak speed, as if it were the only line in the bundle.

Leading service providers around the world have put our VDSL2 Vectoring solution to the test, boosting upstream and downstream bitrates between 90% and 150% depending on line conditions and loop length.

VDSL2 bonding — another Alcatel-Lucent market first — combines two or more copper pairs to double the speeds delivered to each home. Our VDSL2 bonding technology is available today. It is the only VDSL2 bonding technology deployed by major service providers around the globe, including AT&T in the United States, KPN in Europe and PTCL in Asia.

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Ultra-Broadband solutions for fixed operators

Choose the solutions you need to meet your customers’ demands and to support your fiber strategy for the future. Alcatel-Lucent offers a broad range of options for fixed operators. Start with the capabilities you need now — and build on their strengths. Each solution adds to the transformative power of ultra-broadband.

Fixed access:

Build and maintain fast, reliable, affordable networks.

IP routing and transport:

Fast, efficient and agile networks for the delivery of high-performance broadband, residential and enterprise services.

Video delivery:

Deliver an outstanding digital media experience to any device.

Customer experience:

Add innovative business models and forge stronger, more-valuable customer relationships in a personalized, simplified and trusted way.


Provide crisp voice, clear video and intuitive messaging while extending your brand — from the phone to applications, web sites and browsers.


Build a simple, efficient cloud infrastructure. Transform experiences and deliver differentiated cloud services.


Gain immediate value from network intelligence and continually increase that value over time with additional data for a multi-dimensional view.

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