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Wireless Unified Networks

Cellular and Wi-Fi are better together

Get the best of both Wi-Fi® and cellular with Wireless Unified Networks from Nokia. Wireless Unified Networks optimizes your customer experience by combining licensed 4G or 3G cellular, unlicensed LTE (LTE-U), and Wi-Fi networks to increase capacity, range, and peak rates. It does this by bringing together two initiatives: Wi-Fi boost and cellular boost.

Wi-Fi boost uses cellular to enhance the performance of Wi-Fi networks.

Cellular boost uses unlicensed frequency to enhance the performance of cellular.

These technologies can be deployed separately, or combined for even greater performance gains.

Ensure that your customers always have the strongest, fastest wireless connection. Blend the upload and download capabilities of Wi-Fi and cellular technologies to enable higher capacity. And give your subscribers a more consistent and higher-quality experience in high-traffic or low-signal locations – whether at home, in the office, or outdoors.

Take a look at the Nokia products and solutions that can bring Wireless Unified Networks into your network.

Wi-Fi boost: Use cellular to boost Wi-Fi performance

Wi-Fi boost combines the downlink of Wi-Fi with the uplink of cellular. And Wi-Fi boost with aggregation, as an option, adds the downlink of cellular to the mix.

Combine the best aspects of Wi-Fi and cellular so your customers can seamlessly and simultaneously draw on the strengths of both networks.

Capitalize on Wi-Fi’s high capacity and fast downlink speeds

  • Get more consistent Wi-Fi performance
  • Increase Wi-Fi download speed by 20–30% for a single user
  • Double download speeds with Wi-Fi and LTE aggregation
  • Increase Wi-Fi range by a factor of 2 or more
  • Increase Wi-Fi downlink by 70% for multiple users

Take advantage of cellular’s fast uplink speeds and broad range

  • Get 10x or more (55x in lab tests) increase in Wi-Fi uplink for the far user, compared to Wi-Fi alone
  • Use LTE download on hot standby
  • Use with LTE or W-CDMA
  • Reduce cost by reusing existing Wi-Fi routers, handsets, and cellular access points

How Wi-Fi boost benefits your customers

Simultaneous access to cellular and Wi-Fi transforms the wireless customer experience. Wi-Fi boost automatically gives customers the best possible upload and download performance. And it allows them to keep using their existing handsets and Wi-Fi routers.

How Wi-Fi boost benefits you

Wi-Fi boost gives you a quick and inexpensive way to enhance the customer experience. It works with existing Wi-Fi networks, mobile devices, and cellular access points. And that means you can improve performance without having to pay for new routers, handsets, or network equipment.

Where to use Wi-Fi boost

Deploy Wi-Fi boost anywhere Wi-Fi and cellular coexist.

To get the most from Wi-Fi boost, you need a strong cellular signal and Wi-Fi access points that can automatically authenticate users. These conditions are most common in homes and offices. But Wi-Fi boost can work anywhere, including metro and macro environments. If you have Wi-Fi and a licensed cellular signal that can carry uplink traffic, you’re ready for Wi-Fi boost.

Cellular boost: Use unlicensed spectrum to boost cellular performance

Leverage the unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum band – LTE-U – to enhance capacity and deliver a much improved cellular network performance.

Leverage the unlicensed LTE 5 GHz spectrum band – LTE-U – to enhance capacity and deliver a much improved cellular network performance.

Cellular boost works by delivering LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) signaling protocols across unlicensed spectrum bands commonly used for Wi-Fi. You’ll see download speeds that almost triple what licensed small cells can deliver on their own, along with improved cellular network performance.

By aggregating LTE in licensed and unlicensed frequencies, you deliver a better quality of experience to your customers. And you ensure that the spectrum is shared fairly with Wi-Fi.

How cellular boost benefits your customers

Your customers will get up to a 3X increase in the downlink data rate, better cell edge performance, and all the mobility, security, and reliability that LTE offers.

How cellular boost benefits you

Cellular boost takes advantage of LTE-U to augment limited licensed spectrum. That means you can offer higher speeds to your consumers. And LTE-U can be deployed in any environment: home, enterprise, outdoor, or rural and remote areas.

Wireless Unified Networks: Bring Wi-Fi and cellular boost together

Achieve even higher downlink performance, with significant improvements in uplink rates and range, by bringing Wi-Fi and cellular boost together. Our Wireless Unified Networks strategy lets you combine the two to create even more significant improvements in uplink and downlink performance in any environment where Wi-Fi and cellular – 3G, 4G, or LTE-U – exist together.

With Nokia Wireless Unified Networks, you can bring your customers better performance than they can get from Wi-Fi or cellular alone.

Whether you implement Wi-Fi boost, cellular boost, or both together, you have something new to bring your customers that adds value beyond basic coverage. Offer them faster downlink and uplink speeds, greater range, and an improved end-user experience.

Wireless Unified Networks: Related products and solutions

Use Nokia products and solutions to bring Wi-Fi and cellular together and take advantage of our Wireless Unified Networks strategy

A high-performance, high-capacity multiservice IP edge router, our 7750 SR supports wireless LAN gateway functions over Wi-Fi across fixed access networks.

This converged 3GPP cellular and Wi-Fi EPC data plane gateway supports trusted and un-trusted Wi-Fi access, which mobile operators can use to deliver Wi-Fi boost.

Our carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution can be integrated with your cellular or fixed network to give mobile users a secure, seamless wireless broadband across Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular networks.


Our IMS solution enables IP communications across Wi-Fi, cellular, and fixed networks.

This high-performance, scalable EPC solution supports 3GPP cellular and Wi-Fi access with seamless mobility and service continuity.

Our customer experience management platform streamlines troubleshooting and management operations across Wi-Fi, cellular, and unified networks.

Our end-to-end small cells solution enables Wireless Unified Networks by bringing cellular coverage, capacity, and performance closer to the user.

Support the 3GPP cellular and Wi-Fi EPC data plane gateway network functions with our virtualized mobile gateway. It runs on any NFV infrastructure to deliver Wi-Fi Boost.

Enable innovative network-based IP communications across Wi-Fi and cellular by integrating virtualized, field-proven LTE, EPC and IMS.

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