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Ultra-Broadband for Mobile Operators

Ultra-Broadband for Mobile Operators: Faster, closer, first

Mobile operators are at the leading edge of today's ultra-connected world. They're expanding the possibilities for effortless connection. Enabling new forms of business, government and education. Inspiring better tools for health and safety. Transforming people's lives.

The opportunities created by the ultra-connected society are infinite. With Nokia Ultra-Broadband, you can make the most of these opportunities now. We provide the reliable, intelligent, adaptable networks you need to maintain outstanding performance all backed by our leading IP expertise, software-defined networking and cloud innovations. We offer 4G LTE and small cells and help you prepare for LTE-Advanced and beyond to take your networks to a new level of efficiency and scale. And we give you the fastest way to put this technology to work, so you can be first to deliver the awesome speed your customers are looking for right now.

These capabilities all keep you at the forefront of today's ultra-connected world — by helping you move faster to meet demand, get closer to your customers, and be first to capture new opportunities.


Faster to meet demands

Moving first to market and even faster to meet your customers' demands for a better mobile broadband experience positions you for big rewards. Our dedicated overlay approach to 4G LTE offers you the fastest way to gain market share and take network performance to a new level. When it's combined with our evolved packet core and mobile backhaul infrastructure, you can move quickly to LTE, LTE-Advanced and beyond. Being first to deploy LTE also helps you capture market share, increase ARPU, improve your network's efficiency — and shift your business focus from voice to a data-centric business model that opens up more opportunity for profitable innovation.


Closer to your customers

Ultra-broadband brings network capacity literally closer to customers, wherever they may be — using our small cells and Carrier Wi-Fi® innovations. So you can maintain high performance, at minimal cost, to preserve customer satisfaction.

We can also bring you closer to customers in other ways that inspire loyalty and exceed their expectations. Our industry-leading Voice over LTE (VoLTE) solution delivers the HD communication experience your customers deserve. We provide tools and expertise in customer management, network analytics and content optimization to help you operate your network more efficiently, expand your understanding of your customers' habits, preferences and needs, and maximize their quality of experience. With these capabilities, you can offer the personalized services and improved customer support you need to build stronger long-term relationships.


First to new opportunities

By connecting everything, everywhere — people, devices and machines — the ultra-connected society is transforming how businesses operate all around the world. And that's creating vast new opportunities for mobile operators.

To help you thrive in this competitive environment, Nokia Ultra-Broadband provides the lightning-fast broadband access you need combined with market-leading IP capabilities that extend into the cloud. Using today's most advanced technologies, including software-defined networking and virtualized network functions, your networks and your business can become more agile, efficient and creative. So you can be first to market with offerings that combine fresh ideas and reliable performance.

Whether you're launching innovative, video-rich entertainment services, connecting your billionth device, helping customers embrace the "bring your own device" phenomenon, or supporting public services that impact society profoundly, Nokia Ultra-Broadband helps keep you at the forefront of the ultra-connected world.

Ultra-Broadband solutions for mobile operators

Choose the solutions you need to meet your customers' demands and to support your 4G LTE strategy for the future. We offer a broad range of options for mobile operators. Start with the capabilities you need – and build on their strengths. Each solution adds to the transformative power of ultra-broadband.

Wireless access

Build and maintain fast, reliable, affordable networks.

IP routing and transport

Fast, efficient and agile networks for the delivery of high-performance broadband, residential and enterprise services.

Video delivery

Deliver an outstanding digital media experience to any device.

Customer experience

Add innovative business models and forge stronger, more-valuable customer relationships in a personalized, simplified and trusted way.


Provide crisp voice, clear video and intuitive messaging while extending your brand — from the phone to applications, web sites and browsers.


Build a simple, efficient cloud infrastructure. Transform experiences and deliver differentiated cloud services.


Gain immediate value from network intelligence and continually increase that value over time with additional data for a multi-dimensional view.

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