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Velocix Multiscreen Advertising

Generate revenue from targeted advertising

The Nokia Velocix Multiscreen Advertising Solution introduces client-independent, network-based placement with advanced targeting and tracking.

The solution is suitable for IPTV operators, cable operators, broadcasters and TV programmers. With Velocix Multimedia Advertising, you can:

  • Support linear TV, time-shifted TV and video on demand
  • Scale seamlessly to address spikes in demand for popular channels, shows, and live events
  • More significantly capitalize on time-shifted and localized audiences
  • Support ad campaigns by improving ad relevance across all devices, including PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs
  • Transition to an open, cloud-based infrastructure

When deployed with a distributed content delivery network such as the Velocix Media Delivery Platform, the solution allows you to manipulate content and cache ads closer to subscribers. This leads to a superior end-user experience, simpler operations and more efficient use of network resources.



Velocix Multiscreen Advertising builds on the Nokia Velocix Personalization Platform, which collects individual viewing information and presents it to an ad decision server to improve the relevance of every ad. The advanced tracking captures every single viewing experience, determines whether an ad reaches its intended target viewer and delivers that data to you, to demonstrate value for ad buyers. 

The Velocix Multiscreen Advertising solution supports a variety of ad decision servers; this allows you to select partners to be part of a multi-vendor, best-of-breed, cloud-based infrastructure.

Sam Rosen, Managing Director and Vice President, ABI Research, said, “Nokia’s innovative targeted advertising solution is architected to help operators optimize the monetization opportunities resulting from the consumer shift to on-demand and IP content, without further straining the network delivering video content. The solution’s network-centric architecture works with existing devices and applications, while its flexibility allows it to address a variety of complementary