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Nokia Ultra-Broadband

Ultra-Broadband: Faster. Closer. First.

In the ultra-connected society, everyone expects fast, easy connections to everything, all the time, everywhere. And they want a rich, satisfying experience, whether it’s watching video entertainment from mobile devices, using cloud-based business applications or gaining access to health care from a remote village.

Nokia Ultra-Broadband provides exactly what you need for success in this dynamic, interconnected world. So you can make the most of its vast opportunities — and meet its challenges. It allows you to move faster to meet demand. It gets you closer to customers, so you can improve their experience. And it helps you be first to capture the opportunities of the cloud.

How Nokia Ultra-Broadband helps customers connect the ultra-connected society

Fixed and wireless broadband customers such as China Mobile, Telefónica in Spain and A1, Austrian subsidiary of Telekom Austria Group, are investing in Nokia Ultra-Broadband to be the first in their markets to seize unlimited opportunities.

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Connect to the ultra-connected society

The ultra-connected society brings with it challenges of great scale and complexity. It goes beyond billions of users connecting multiple devices. Single macro cells become multiple small cells. Mobile networks become extensions of fixed networks. Network traffic increases 100-fold. Open, converged networks replace closed networks. Billions of cloud services replace billions of app downloads. And the lowest cost per byte actually means the lowest cost per 100 bytes.

Our Ultra-Broadband solutions can help you meet these new challenges. We provide lightning fast, fixed and wireless broadband access, backed by our high-performance IP networking expertise. Our networks offer the best performance and efficiency. Enable the lowest cost and power per bit. And let customers connect seamlessly, from multiple devices, on any kind of network.

But our solutions go far beyond broadband access, because the ultra-connected society is driving a whole new way of using your networks — and doing business.

That’s why we also help you capture new opportunities, by extending our IP capabilities all the way from the access node to the cloud – where networks are software defined, network functions are virtualized, and you can partner with leading service creators. These capabilities give you the flexibility and agility you need to meet the ever-changing demands of the ultra-connected society. And they help you transform your own infrastructure to reduce costs, gain the efficiency and scale of the cloud, and move successfully into the future.

How Nokia is enabling the ultra-connected society

With Ultra-Broadband, service providers gain agility and flexibility, so they can capture the opportunities of the ultra-connected society.
Faster to meet demands

With our Ultra-Broadband solutions, you can meet skyrocketing demands for fixed and mobile broadband access while increasing network capacity. We help you stay out in front with high-capacity fiber and copper access options as well as the latest mobile technologies, including 4G LTE, LTE Advanced and beyond.

Our solutions also help you move faster to gain market share by taking network performance to the next level. And by helping you shift your business from a voice- to a data-centric business model that delivers the services your customers want most.

Closer to your customers

Nokia Ultra-Broadband combines 2 capabilities that are essential for keeping your customers satisfied. It brings network capacity as close to them as possible – at work, at home and at every point in between. And it offers tools to help you manage and deliver an unmatched quality of experience. These capabilities help you satisfy more customers. Gain a better understanding of your customers to build closer relationships. And deliver the advanced communications and video services that your customers value.

First to new opportunities

To help you prepare for the infinite opportunities ahead, Nokia Ultra-Broadband provides market-leading IP capabilities that extend into the cloud. So you can use today’s most advanced technologies — including software-defined networking and virtualized network functions — to become more agile, efficient and creative. That means it’s easier to collaborate with partners on exciting new ideas. You can launch new offerings faster. And you can reduce the cost of delivering applications, content and services.

By helping you transform to a cloud infrastructure, our Ultra-Broadband supports your success in today’s competitive environment. And gives you the adaptability you need to keep succeeding in the future.

Nokia Ultra-Broadband for operators


For fixed operators

Nokia Ultra-Broadband solutions for fixed operators include high-capacity fiber and copper access solutions. They help service providers, utilities and governments get to fast, faster with the most cost-effective means of bringing more bandwidth to more customers.


For mobile operators

With Nokia Ultra-Broadband solutions for mobile operators, you can meet your customers’ demands faster. And get to market first with our dedicated 4G LTE overlay approach. Supported by our mobile backhaul and advanced packet core solutions, our approach helps you move quickly to LTE, LTE Advanced and beyond.


For cable multiple system operators (MSOs)

With Nokia as a partner, cable operators can leverage the power of IP transformation and Nokia Ultra-Broadband. Our solutions help you address emerging opportunities in the residential, commercial services and wireless markets.

Why Nokia Ultra-Broadband?

Nokia specializes in IP networking and ultra-broadband. Which gives you the benefit of our IP expertise and capabilities from the access node through to the cloud. We are also investing and innovating in technologies that help our customers deliver the ultra-broadband experience.

We’re number 1 in the market in mobile backhaul, small cells, VDSL2, IMS core session control, and LTE and fixed device management. And we have the biggest LTE deployments in the world. We’re also leaders in GPON technology and IP/MPLS edge routers.

We’re putting these technologies to work right now and have a proven track record. Take a look at what our customers are already doing with our Ultra-Broadband solutions.

We’re helping Telefónica Spain move fast and outcompete with an LTE overlay providing 4G wireless coverage to customers throughout the country. And China Mobile is using our 4G TD-LTE overlay solution for the nationwide rollout of the world’s largest high-speed mobile broadband network.

We’ve also delivered over one million VDSL2 vectoring lines — which enable super-fast broadband, up to 100 megabits per second, over existing copper infrastructure. China Telecom, China’s largest fixed network operator, is the latest customer to successfully complete a field test of this Nokia technology.

Verizon Wireless has turned to our Motive Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to improve customer care. It enables customers to easily set up and use 4G LTE smart phones, tablets and applications. And University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is using our Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform to support improvements to patient care. This platform uses software-defined networking to deliver new services faster and make the development process more efficient.

These are just a few of the ways that service providers are using Nokia Ultra-Broadband to meet the demands of the ultra-connected society. We offer a market-leading portfolio to satisfy your unique needs.

Nokia Ultra-Broadband solutions

Choose the solutions you need to meet your customers’ demands and to support your strategy for the future. Nokia offers a broad range of options for fixed and mobile service providers. Start with the capabilities you need now — and build on their strengths. Each solution adds to the transformative power of ultra-broadband.

Fixed and wireless access

Build and maintain fast, reliable, affordable networks.

IP routing and transport

Fast, efficient and agile networks for the delivery of high-performance broadband, residential and enterprise services.

Video delivery

Deliver an outstanding digital media experience to any device.

Customer experience

Add innovative business models and forge stronger, more-valuable customer relationships in a personalized, simplified and trusted way.


Provide crisp voice, clear video and intuitive messaging while extending your brand — from the phone to applications, web sites and browsers.


Build a simple, efficient cloud infrastructure. Transform experiences and deliver differentiated cloud services.


Gain immediate value from network intelligence and continually increase that value over time with additional data for a multi-dimensional view.

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