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Software-defined access networks

Renew your ability to scale your fixed network

Through years of rapid growth in subscribers, bandwidth and traffic, fixed access networks have become diverse, multi-technology environments. Whether copper, fiber or HFC, growing numbers of small, remote and widely distributed access nodes have increased network complexity, service complexity and costs.

Nokia software-defined access networks (SDAN) simplify the network in ways that renew your ability to scale while improving agility and keeping costs under control.Virtualization allows operators to automate the network and unlock new capabilities with smart, cloud-native access.

SDAN use software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) to speed up innovation cycles in a multivendor environment, leverage cost-effective cloud platforms that simplify IT integration, and scale up your ability to program and automate the network. Software-defined access networks give you an optimized next-generation access network.

Nokia pioneers with the first cloud-native platform that helps operators get more value from their fixed access network, delivering the widest range of software-defined use cases.

The Nokia software-defined access network

Real cloud-native

  • Carrier-grade network functions built and optimized for the cloud.
  • Modular with stateless and state-efficient designs, for centralized and distributed deployments.
  • Flexible distribution of network functions for optimal trade-off between real-time performance and data center consolidation
  • DevOps and micro-services deployments yield shorter innovation cycles.

Close collaboration

  • Purpose-built software suite leveraging open-source and open data with easy access for human and machines.
  • Fostered in industry initiatives such as BAA, On.LAB and BBF.
  • Integrates easily across 3rd party systems, networks and partners.
  • Leverage best practice through our collaboration with service providers on real-life use cases.


  • Virtualize where it matters with concrete software-defined use cases that bring operational or service improvements
  • Fixed-mobile convergence, network slicing and simplified operations.
  • Mix and match traditional access with cloud computing resources.
  • Understand the trends and deliver tangible benefits for enhanced broadband.

Safe journey

  • Ensure a smooth evolution of your existing access networks.
  • Transcend the traditional roll of NMS and the physical limitations of network nodes.
  • Continuous integration and delivery practices to support agile transformation.
  • Reduce integration risk with comprehensive approach and Nokia NFV expertise

The SDAN portfolio includes a cloud-native access platform Nokia Altiplano and also Nokia Lightspan hardware to support SDAN use cases.


Nokia SDAN creates a new way of working that frees up resources and capital and enables new revenue-generating opportunities.

  • Network monetization. Virtual access networks for service partitioning and open access; increase cooperation and network monetization.
  • Simplified operations. Network in the cloud is always-on; pre-provision, whether nodes are online or offline; zero-touch and error-free operations.
  • Virtually unlimited. Update, customize and deploy new access functions and services without touching the access node.
  • Innovation speed. Fast feedback cycles; DevOps continuous delivery and risk contingency; compliant with YANG standards for immediate interop.
  • Collaborative ecosystem. Seamless integration via open APIs and software frameworks in cooperative partnerships and multivendor constellations.


Program and automate

By virtualizing the intelligence of the network and centralizing it in software running on top of general purpose (COTS) hardware, networks can be programmed and controlled from the cloud. The open ecosystem with data and configuration in the cloud creates opportunities for automation to focus on customer operations, cutting across FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security) silos.

Open and multivendor

SDAN's modular architecture with open and standardized interfaces can be easily integrated across systems, networks and partners. It allows flexible deployments that can leverage third party/open-source components, existing in your current cloud and IT environment.

NETCONF/YANG compliant

The use of standard NETCONF/YANG protocols enables higher-degrees of automation and transactional consistency. The interaction with the OSS/BSS is less error prone and the underlying models, which are XML-based, are easily extended to provide further abstraction.

Leverage cloud and IT

Adopt a DevOps approach to introduce new capabilities quickly, and scale elastically in the datacenter. Domain-specific controllers deal with functionality that was traditionally embedded in-the-box, taking the load off network elements and deliver an always online experience.

Evolutionary path to SDN

Nokia SDAN products enable traditional and virtualized functionality to exist in the same network, allowing a gradual adoption of SDN/NFV.

Use cases

Network slicing

Create virtual slices of the network infrastructure to support different services (e.g. residential and business), wholesale, or unbundling.

Cable access provisioning

Reduce power and space by virtualizing CCAP functionality; transparently provision DOCSIS or PON users in a cable access network. micronode management

Enable automation and zero-touch provisioning; virtualized configuration allows management of all network elements at once, whether online or offline.

5G fronthaul over next-generation PON

SDAN provides optimized PON latency to meet 5G fronthaul delay needs, with cloud-based control and integration

ONT self-activation

Reduce costs through automated activation of ONTs.