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Smart Home

Increase revenues and customer loyalty with smart home services

The Nokia Smart Home solution lets network providers use their unique capabilities to become smart home service providers and bring the Internet of Things into the home. This end-to-end solution can help you:

  • Get more value from your existing copper-, cable-, or fiber-based residential gateways, your foot in the door to the home environment
  • Increase ARPU by € 10-15 monthly for basic services and € 20-25 for more advanced services
  • Create value-added quintuple-play services and compete with over-the-top providers by bundling smart home offers with your other fixed and mobile services


With the Nokia Smart Home solution, you get all the ingredients you need to deploy smart home services quickly and easily, including:

  • The Nokia Smart Home gateway. We provide one with a GPON uplink (G-240WZ-A) and one with a GigE uplink (A-240Z-A). Both serve as a high-performance residential gateway and as a smart home gateway
  • A smart home app that makes it easy for customers to control the smart home environment
  • An IoT cloud platform that stores data (including video streaming and historical power consumption data) and supports end-to-end management of smart home gateways and smart devices

It's important that you carefully select the smart devices (and brands) that you want to offer your customers. For that, interoperability is key. Nokia can help because we are a member of both the Z-Wave and ZigBee Alliances, and we also have our own partner program called ng Connect.

Nokia 7368 ISAM CPE A-240Z-A

Extend your portfolio by:

  • Introducing smart home services, generating €10-25 monthly ARPU and more
  • Introducing quintuple play services and hence reducing customer churn

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO):

  • A single device serving as a dual gateway; residential gateway and smart home gateway
  • Use our advanced tools to efficiently manage your operations (Motive Wi-Fi Expert System, ONT Easy Start, Network Analyzer – Fiber)

Create more value for customers with:

  • Increased home security and home automation
  • Better energy management

The Nokia Smart Home solution has four main components:

  • The Nokia Smart Home gateway. We provide one with a GPON uplink (G-240WZ-A) and one with a GigE uplink (A-240Z-A). Both serve as a residential gateway and a smart home gateway, eliminating the need for additional boxes in the home. These gateways support dual-band, concurrent Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Z-Wave connections. According to ABI Research, the combination of these three interfaces covers 72% of all smart home devices
  • We also provide a smart home app to control the smart home environment. This can be used to create rules, manage devices and allocate them to rooms. Both iOS and Android are supported.
  • Nokia's IoT platform (IMPACT) provides connectivity to the gateways and the IoT devices behind the gateways. IMPACT also collects data from the devices and sends it northbound
  • The Home Intelligence Server, running on top of IMPACT, allows management of the smart devices and stores data (video streaming, historical power consumption data, notification history, …)

The Nokia Smart Home solution leverages on two smart home gateways: one with a GPON uplink (G-240WZ-A) and one with a GigE uplink (A-240Z-A). These gateways combine a powerful residential gateway and a smart home gateway. They provide Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Z-Wave interfaces, allowing them to address and control the majority of smart home devices available today. The Nokia Smart Home solution also includes a smart home app, and full end-to-end management of both gateways and IoT devices. With the Nokia Smart Home solution, you can introduce smart home services in a fast, trouble-free way.