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Service Innovation

Use Service Innovation to unlock growth by moving communications into the context of apps or websites

With Nokia Service Innovation you can provide richer and more compelling communication services by adding contextual voice, video, chat, and share features contextually to applications, websites, and connected objects. Our solution will turn your IMS communication network into a cloud and programmable platform for service innovation.

Our easy-to-use network-side and WebRTC client-side communications APIs and SDKs enable developers to embed communication and collaboration functions into the context of apps and websites. It lets them put the conversation right where and when it’s needed.

Communicate in the flow

Contextual communications tailor services to users as they are performing actions within apps and browsers. They also enrich services with information that comes from various  sources, including:

  • Personal information (e.g., device, apps, browsed pages)
  • Enterprise information (e.g., CRM records, X.500 directory)
  • IoT objects (e.g., beacons, sensors, home appliances)
  • Big data (e.g., crowd-sourced data, public information, analytics)

Improve enterprise communications

Contextual communications will enrich our personal lives, but it may have the greatest value at work.

In productivity tools, contextual communications will improve business agility by helping employees make better decisions faster. Embedded in enterprise apps and web sites by internal developers, contextual communications will help enterprises improve the customer experience and strengthen their brands.

Monetize contextual communications

Communications service providers can use our Service Innovation solution to improve their retail offers and differentiate with new services. They can also use the solution to evolve their wholesale services from standalone communications services to contextual communications embedded in third-party apps, websites, and Internet of Things-connected objects.

Jump into innovation

We offer rich and complementary client and network APIs through our developer portal. We also offer an open ecosystem of partners and a free sandbox that provides a fast prototyping environment for operators, enterprises, and leading developers. You can use the sandbox to develop and pre-validate your apps.

Access our developer portal

Grow: Become more agile and grow a culture of innovation

  • Solve speed and time-to-market challenges
  • Reduce the cost and complexity involved in developing and integrating new services

Open: Create network innovation opportunities for app providers

  • Bring unique value to developers
  • Tap into developers' creativity to create differentiated and innovative services

Explore: Expand your business and explore new markets

  • Gain new ways to leverage your network investment
  • Reposition your enterprise approach
  • Extend your brand into new wholesale markets

Discover the rich and complementary client and network APIs available on our developer portal:

Call management APIs
With network-based call management APIs, your app is instantly inserted into calls and available on any mobile OS, while keeping the subscriber’s mobile number.

Social messaging APIs
With network-based social messaging APIs, your app, portal, or HTTP client gets real-time user presence, availability, location information, and address book updates.

Insert WebRTC APIs into a website and the visitor’s browser instantly inherits advanced voice, video, messaging, conferencing and device switch capabilities.

China Telecom launches contextual communications
The Shanghai branch of China Telecom uses Nokia Communications APIs to open access for strategic developer partners to grow mobile Internet services.