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Service Assurance

Drive automation and agility into network and service operations

Nokia Service Assurance can help you support service quality and assurance for today’s networks and for the new networks that will support billions of hyperconnected devices. Our scalable software solutions let you combine quality and performance management with automated operations to reduce OPEX and enhance the customer experience

Why choose Nokia for Service Assurance?

Use service assurance to deliver the best customer experience

In today’s competitive markets, success is about getting customers to sign up and remain loyal. Our solutions help you succeed by proactively managing quality and performance. They let you expand your focus from the network to services and customers. With this new view, you can see whether your network elements are delivering the great service experiences your customers expect.

Moving to a service-focused view enables you to look:

  • South to the network

     How are the individual elements performing?

  • Across the full service

     How is the service performing?

  • North to the customer

     What is the customer’s experience?

Reduce OPEX while improving overall customer satisfaction

Our solutions provide automation that helps you become more efficient at prioritizing your work. You can use automated operations to optimize staff resources and address customer-affecting issues first.

See how our service provider customers benefit from automated operations:

  • 75 percent reduction in customer claims due to a major fault
  • 97 percent of customer problems known beforehand at the service operations center (SOC)
  • 80-to-1 improvement in network and service alarms and key performance indicator (KPI) breaches
  • 20 percent improvement in network and service availability because of knowledge of customer usage

We recognize that there is no direct correlation between the severity of network alarms and the effects on customers. Our solutions help you prioritize recovery activities in areas where customers feel the impact.

Explore our Service Assurance portfolio

Our award-winning Service Assurance portfolio leverages our years of experience and hundreds of successful real-world deployments. You can combine our software products to create a complete solution or deploy them individually to address specific business challenges.

Service Quality Manager
Ensure superior service quality for customers while achieving top-flight efficiency

Performance Manager
Identify performance degradations and prioritize those that have the greatest impact on network quality

Monitor the global IT infrastructure including resources, devices, topology maps, domains, paths, and services

Automated Operations and Recovery
Simplify service operations by automating network supervision activities within a Service Operations Center

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The Nokia Service Assurance portfolio has been proven in hundreds of real-world deployments. Our solutions leverage a comprehensive approach to event and performance collection to drive end-to-end network- and service-level operations management. Through integration with the Nokia Customer Experience Management solutions you can align your service operations with customer care and deliver the best customer experience.