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NetGuard Security Management

Secure all of your networks with one solution

Nokia NetGuard Security Management solutions help you secure and protect physical, virtual, and hybrid mobile networks.

With NetGuard Security Management, you can use our Secure Network Auditing Platform to orchestrate identity access, configuration management and security compliance analytics. Our proven, trusted software protects the world’s largest and busiest networks.

We offer a complete security management solution:

  • Security Management Center: Centralized configuration, monitoring and analysis for security functions in multivendor networks
  • Identity Access Manager: Network-wide attribute- and role-based identity management, access management, and single sign-on capabilities
  • Audit Compliance Manager: Auditing and analysis of all parameters in physical and virtual networks to preserve data integrity

Optimize network performance with effective security management


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will place new obligations on companies holding and processing data. Our GDPR executive summary offers a practical approach to securing personal data and avoiding non-compliance fines, while this GDPR white paper examines how to meet the new requirements and ensure protecting your customers. For more insights, read the blog on the three steps for ensuring GDPR compliance.


Monitor and manage security systems across all your networks

  • Centralize control of security in mobile networks and the IoT world
  • Collect and correlate security insights in real time or offline
  • Gain a holistic and centralized view of security across the IT, transport, radio and core network domains

Take control of access and identity management

  • Exceed regulatory and compliance requirements 
  • Eliminate insider threats
  • Secure virtual network functions and infrastructure

Maximize network stability and performance with proactive configuration management

  • Reduce churn and preserve revenue by improving network quality and customer experience
  • Lower operating cost by reducing mean times by 75%
  • Secure resources and eliminate vulnerabilities by preventing, pinpointing, and neutralizing threats