Motive Security Guardian

Detect Threats Protect your Network and Subscribers

Pinpoint malware infections more accurately — and take action faster — with Motive Security Guardian (previously Kindsight Security Solutions).

Thanks to the power of our patented network traffic analysis, you gain actionable insights into security threats and how to minimize their impact on the network and your subscribers with the Motive Security Guardian. So they can get the most out of the services, devices, and applications they count on day and night.

Designed specifically for service providers, Motive Security Guardian can help you:

  • Protect your network from threats, even those that originate from within
  • Minimize malware's impact on network efficiency and the customer experience
  • Resolve security-related customer issues faster and more proactively
  • Give your subscribers malware protection that goes beyond antivirus software
  • Generate new revenue with a protection service
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New malware infection rates are climbing. Identity theft, privacy invasion, and cybercrime are spreading to mobile devices. And antivirus software — which has detection rates less than 50% — is no longer enough to protect home computers and mobile devices.

Many mobile subscribers don't even realize they need protection for their devices. And subscribers' infected devices are used as a springboard for attacks on your networks. The Motive Security Guardian can protect your subscribers from network threats and resolve issues more proactively.

Want more insight? View our malware infographic.

Less than 30% of smartphones have antivirus protection

17% mobile infection growth in 6 months

100% increase in PC malware infections year to year

Security intelligence

Enable better malware detection for security operations

Detect threats more quickly. Gain a more accurate view of malware infections. Mitigate problems faster. Reduce the risk to your network and your subscribers. And protect your network from internal threats.
Read the Security Intelligence solution sheet.

Network efficiency

Benefit from insights that engineering and planning teams can act on

Get actionable insights, not just alerts. With the Motive Security Guardian, learn where malware is affecting scarce network resources such as bandwidth, signaling and airtime. Then quickly take steps to contain the threats, optimize your subscribers' quality of service and improve ROI.
Read the Network Efficiency solution sheet.

Protection service

Market a premium security service for your subscribers

Give subscribers a new level of malware protection that goes beyond traditional antivirus. You can differentiate your offering and create a value-added service that generates additional revenue.
Read the Value-added service solution sheet.
Read the TDS Case Study.

Better care

Empower your customer care team

Give your subscribers a better quality of experience and improve their trust in your network. With Motive Security Guardian, your customer care representatives can pinpoint and resolve malware problems faster and reduce current call times. They can even address malware issues proactively with self-care apps to further reduce the number of calls.
Read the Better Care solution sheet.

Motive Security Guardian

With our network-based approach to malware detection, you get a better way to fight threats — on any network and on any device. You get these key advantages:

Patented malware detection

  • Get the benefits of Motive Security Labs expertise — including more malware signatures in our library, with fewer rules to deploy
  • Identify threats faster and more precisely with fewer false positives using our patented malware detection method
  • Detect infections on any device even when no antivirus software is installed or the software has been disabled

Actionable intelligence

  • See exactly how infections affect subscribers and the network, so you can take rapid action
  • Contain threats through policy enforcement — and work proactively with infected subscribers
  • Offer subscribers automated alerts and self-care tools for malware removal

Threat detection that meets your needs

  • Gain a unique approach to real-time malware detection, designed exclusively for service providers
  • Leverage your key asset — the network — with seamless support for mobile, fixed, and cable
  • Get the scalability and performance you need, even under massive loads, along with deployment options that are ready for the cloud and NFV

Motive Security Labs

Our experts at Motive Security Labs monitor global malware trends on a 24/7 basis, analyzing emerging malware and creating new detection rules. Their extensive knowledge powers the Motive Security Guardian with one of the largest malware vaults in the industry (more than 30 million samples). The Labs’ regular malware reports are shared widely across the security industry.

Home Network Infections


  1. Kasandra.B
  2. SmsTracker
  3. Morto.A
  4. Obvod.K
  5. Poweliks.A

  See full list >



  • MobileSpyware
  • Bot
  • Worm
  • Downloader
  • Bot


Home networks with malware detected in the past 30 days

Internet Threats


  1. Soltern.L
  2. Elkern.B
  3. Beaugrit.gen!AAA
  4. Vobfus.EK
  5. Nabucur.D

  See full list >



  • Worm
  • Virus
  • Bot
  • Worm
  • Virus

Protection can fuel profits

TDS Telecommunications Group, which operates in 32 U.S. states, offers a malware-detection service powered by Motive Security Guardian. It was the fastest-growing premium service ever launched by TDS with 8% of subscribers signing up in the first year.

In addition to generating new revenue, the Hacker Alert service has reduced the number of security-related support calls to TDS by 97.5%. And a retention rate of 96% proves that customers love the service. Read our case study.

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