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Rich Communication Suite (RCS)

Enhance VoLTE communication with RCS

  • Bring communications to life and improve your customer's experience by embedding social networking into everyday mobile devices.
  • Users are sending instant messages, sharing content and collaborating using various media – and they expect the same level of service they get from their internet service provider. One of the most significant responses to these challenges has been the RCS.
  • RCS brings together the best of popular internet services and operators’ communications methods embedded in mobile devices. You can offer your customers exciting, feature-rich capabilities that make their mobiles even more central to their personal and business lives.
Nokia Rich Communications Suite (RCS) video – Learn how to benefit from the Nokia RCS that’s already integrated on your phone as Heather and Ismo show you how to use instant chat, file sharing, video sharing (you can see what I see), and rich integrated service offerings. It’s time to get that 4G subscription!


  • Give your customers a better mobile experience
  • Keep more of your customers in your network
  • Launch new revenue-generating services such as interactive advertisements with service framework
  • Collaborate with ISPs and other third parties through APIs


Rich communication provides

  • Rich Call - allows customers to exchange rich media content such as video and photos during a phone call
  • Rich Messaging – brings together multiple messaging systems into a single application, allowing users to share any type of multimedia content while chatting
  • Enhanced Address Book– builds multimedia, RCS presence information and capability for social networking into your existing address book, allowing customers to access all their communications services with one glance at their contacts