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Rapport Enterprise Communications

Own the enterprise communications and collaboration revolution

Rapport Enterprise Communications brings business focus, agility and economy to your communications and collaboration infrastructure.

A revolution in communications technology has changed the way enterprises communicate and collaborate, as well as the way applications are developed and deployed. Visionary enterprises will harness this revolution to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

With Nokia Rapport Enterprise Communications, you can transform your communications and collaboration with open, hybrid cloud-based applications. Replace aging PBXs. Construct a cloud-based communications platform with flexibility to support many different use cases. Create customized applications, focused on line of business needs. Or expand to a rich unified communications & collaboration suite based on best-of-breed applications, seamlessly integrated with a common communications back end.

How does Nokia Rapport Enterprise Communications benefit your business?

This solution enables customization of communications and collaboration services so you can provide your departments exactly what they need. It optimizes your environment to take advantage of rapid technology change for business agility. And it lets you gracefully retire costly legacy at the same time as preserving important investments.

Business Focus: Harness the power of mass customization to embed communications functions designed specifically for you, where you need them.

  • Give your LOBs & employees the tools they need to maximize their performance
  • Say "yes" to targeted apps and embed common, cohesive communications in all of them
  • Build customized services specifically focused for your business needs
  • Render Shadow-IT unnecessary
  • Reduce cost by eliminating back–to-back transponders at interconnection points
  • Reduce size and reduce power consumption per bit.

Business Agility: Generate a strategic business advantage over your competitors by optimizing for rapid technology change.

  • Rapidly incorporate the newest productivity apps – from any vendor, as they appear
  • Maintain compliance and security requirements through a private or hybrid cloud that you control
  • Keep up to date with an easy to manage software based solution
  • Optimize for today’s rapid rate of technology changey

Business Economy: Consolidate and modernize the UC&C legacy while protecting investments where it makes sense. Optimize your operations.

  • Integrate your communication domains with your existing devices (desk, mobile, PC, etc.)
  • Migrate off your PBX with a business case that works
  • Continue using expensive assets you already own such as PBX stations, seamlessly integrated into your updated UC&C design

Discover an agile, open, and multivendor approach to communications and collaboration. Both communication technology and user behavior has undergone a revolution. It’s time to own the revolution with Nokia Rapport.

Explore the modular Rapport Enterprise Communications offers to empower your business

Our unified communications and collaboration approach is uniquely open and flexible. This approach means you can apply it to solve your specific business problems, without having to sign up for a huge service bundle and paying for things you don’t need.

Cloud hosted PBX replacementReplace your aging PBX infrastructure with a flexible platform that lets you incrementally transform your communications and collaboration environment in bite-sized steps.

Communications platform for cloud providersAdopt an open communications back end that supports multiple use cases and 3rd party services for you to resell to the enterprise market

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