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Private LTE

Transform your operations for the digital world

The way that companies, enterprises and cities are run is being transformed by rapidly advancing mobile communications technology.

By deploying their own high capacity, high speed 4G mobile communications capability in the shape of a Private Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, professional organizations can enhance their operational efficiency, innovate more quickly, get closer to their customers and reduce their energy footprint.

A Private LTE network frees enterprises from the restrictions of conventional connectivity technologies such as Ethernet, which is secure and reliable but high cost and inflexible, and Wi-Fi, which offers low cost but also lower reliability.

A Private LTE network can support both human and machine communications on a single, reliable network that offers mobility without cumbersome portable radios and that opens up the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Complementing Ethernet and Wi-Fi, Private LTE will help to enable digital transformation in many industries and pave the way towards the adoption of even more capable 5G mobile technologies.

Most LTE networks are considered public, serving the general public or enterprise subscribers. An LTE network is considered to be private when its main purpose is to connect people/things belonging to an enterprise (normally in an enterprise campus), and where data needs to be kept totally secure by avoiding sending it through the core network of a mobile operator.


  • Dedicated coverage and capacity of high speed 4G network with the ability to customise performance to enterprise needs
  • High speed, high capacity, reliable and secure mobile broadband communication layer for mission-critical and business-critical people, machines and applications
  • A fast route to digital transformation and IoT, bringing intelligent insights for more efficient operation, agility, quality and innovation
  • LTE mobility – the use of advanced applications on mobile assets (vehicles, AGV, etc) and transparent hand-over to public LTE networks outside of private LTE network coverage


Enterprises can deploy Private LTE by:

  • Working with mobile network operators that can offer private services over their public LTE networks. Nokia supports this option through its many network operator customers and offers small cells to provide the LTE connectivity and vMEC (virtualized multi-access edge computing), with local breakout applications, to ensure enterprise private data stays local to the LAN despite the use of operator services
  • Building their own LTE network using technology like MulteFire or Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) which run on unlicensed spectrum not tied to mobile operators. Nokia supports this option with its own end-to-end solutions.

Nokia Private LTE solutions

Nokia offers small cells in licensed spectrum for use in conjunction with a network operator, or MulteFire and CBRS small cells that allow enterprises and other professional organizations to deploy their own private LTE networks.

As well as these small cells, Nokia has a complete range of solutions and services for building a fully functioning, autonomous private LTE network or a solution for an operator to “slice” its public LTE network for enterprises.

Nokia vMEC is a key enabler of private LTE and allows enterprise to have edge cloud low latency applications (IoT management, analytics, Push-to-talk and Push-to-video, video orchestration, etc.), that are relevant to their business needs and applications.

In addition, Nokia WING offers industries the option of a global IoT network to connect people and things while traveling between “islands” of private LTE connectivity.

Private LTE for any industry

Many industries are eager to use private LTE to connect people and IoT devices:

Nokia has helped many large corporations, but the best proof is perhaps that we are deploying private LTE in our own manufacturing and logistic sites. This will bring innovative applications that help enhance our business efficiencies, quality and customer service.

Contact us for more information on how Nokia private LTE solutions can benefit your business.