Motive Dynamic Operations

Make your operations dynamic to fully realize the opportunity of the cloud

Meet the operational challenges of today’s all-IP networks with Motive® Dynamic Operations from Alcatel-Lucent. And start on your path toward the virtualized, software-defined network of tomorrow.

With Motive Dynamic Operations, you can:

  • Bring new services to market quickly
  • Keep pace with innovation
  • Capture the full potential of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV)

To realize the full opportunity of the cloud, you need to deliver, operate, and support an expanding array of new services. You need to take these steps as quickly and efficiently as possible. The key lies in operations support systems, or OSS, that can free you from the limitations of siloed architectures.

That’s why Motive Dynamic Operations is the solution. Its dynamic, automated OSS environment gives you a unified view of your network and cloud infrastructure — and helps you deliver, operate, and support new services for your customers.

Your operations systems can be as agile as your virtualized network and data center with dynamic operations — making it easier to help your customers get the most out of their technology.

You also get real-time analytics for faster decisions. You save time and money with automated OSS processes — while dynamic responses to network, application, and device conditions give your customers an optimized experience.

Transform your operations from static to dynamic

Unify your network view

You can streamline operations with our Motive Service and Unified Resource Engine (SURE) data topology model. You get an end-to-end, unified view of existing network technologies. So it’s easy to identify and abstract network- and IT-configuration resources — as well as virtualized network resources — for both dynamic assurance and dynamic fulfillment.

Automate fulfillment and assurance

With automation and real-time service orchestration, you can align your dynamic fulfillment and dynamic assurance processes. That accelerates time to market for your new services – and your time to revenue.

Improve your customer experience

Resolve service and network issues quickly with OSS to help your customers get the most out of their technology. With our analytics-driven approach, you can resolve issues proactively. Our dynamic operations solution identifies potential problems, and then it automates network changes to prevent service interruptions and network faults before they occur.

The Motive Dynamic Operations portfolio

Motive Dynamic Fulfillment

Rapidly create innovative services — and make network changes seamlessly, without impacting fulfillment orchestration. You can also create a simplified and open fulfillment architecture that works across telco and IT and isolates business rules from the network.

For more information about dynamic fulfillment:

Motive Dynamic Assurance

Address customer needs more effectively by bringing customer care and network operations closer together. Using analytics-driven automation, you can build in proactive, automated processes for service assurance. And that helps you identify and resolve service and network issues before they occur.

To learn more about dynamic assurance:

Motive Dynamic Operations for NFV and SDN

Unlock the potential of NFV and SDN. By making these technologies operational, you can cut costs and increase agility — as you deliver existing and new services on top of an efficient, programmable network, and across hybrid physical and virtualized infrastructures.

Want to know more about the power of NFV and SDN in an automated and dynamic approach to service operations?

Take control of the customer experience

Reduce OPEX

You can boost automation and dramatically reduce your operating costs, because our solution abstracts network and service views out of their traditional silos. Alcatel-Lucent studies, based on customer deployments, show significant benefits. Unifying and automating OSS operations can result in:

  • 30-50% reduction in time to market
  • 50-70% reduction in time to service
  • cost reductions of approximately 25-50%

Inspire loyalty

Bring your network operations closer to customer care for greater simplicity and increased automation with OSS. A dynamic operations approach closes the loop between service fulfillment and service assurance. So customer care agents have faster access to the tools and resources they need to meet your customers’ needs through our dynamic operations. It’s a crucial step in keeping customers satisfied and improving customer retention.

Increase revenue

Improve your focus on customers by taking an end-to-end approach to automation — from the device to the network to the service layer. You can create on-demand experiences and new market opportunities. And bring your innovative and lucrative new services to market faster and with higher quality.

Team up with a leader in innovation

Alcatel-Lucent is a trusted multi-vendor system integrator for the world’s largest operators. Our leadership and expertise have fostered relationships with more than 300 customers worldwide. We have a dedicated team of software engineers who are highly proficient in the customer operations model for front and back offices. We are leading the way in operating system transformation with:

  • The right portfolio: With our Motive Service Management Platform and Network Intelligence, we have automated the customer care process end to end. And we incorporate analytics to give you better visibility into customer service, devices, and networks.
  • The right position: As a leading multi-vendor system integrator, we bring proven solutions to the market and leverage open, modular software IP that we have built for leading customers throughout the world.
  • The right vision: We are a committed leader in SDN and NFV, bringing first-to-market solutions in our CloudBand™ NFV platform, our Nuage Networks™ virtualized services platform, and in such key network functions as IMS, EPC, and RAN.

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