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Optical Networking

Business-driven bandwidth: Build a transport network that lets you rapidly monetize your network investment

Meet the growing demand for dynamic, high-capacity services with Nokia Optical Networking solutions.

Our optical transport technologies let you deliver bandwidth that meets the needs of large enterprises, cloud operators, and internet content providers. They give you the network capacity, efficiency, and flexibility you need to support services that can be deployed and reconfigured on demand.

We provide a portfolio of solutions powered by our Photonic Service Engine (PSE) chipset, the world’s most advanced programmable super coherent digital signal processors. This portfolio gives you:

  • Industry-leading optical network capacity
  • More wavelength capacity and wavelengths per fiber
  • Platforms that can efficiently deliver differentiated services

With our Optical Networking innovations and platforms, you can deliver business-driven bandwidth while maintaining profitability and lowering cost per bit.

Nokia takes great pride in winning the NGON & Optical DCI award for Best Optical Transport Network Provider—an award based on the best scalable, high-capacity, cost-effective optical transport network for 2018. Learn more


Realize the full potential of your optical network

More scalable

Address the growing demand for dynamic services with petabit-scale multilayer switching and networking. Our Optical Networking portfolio uses super coherent technology that packs more 100G services into every transport equipment rack unit, wavelength, and fiber.

More efficient

Make your network efficient by using the same optical transport platform for every application, fiber type, and reach. Our 1830 Photonic Service Switch meets all your optical transport needs. We also simplify optical networking with a unified management system and a resilient, multilayer control plane.

More flexible

Make service delivery more agile and minimize network TCO with a multilayer network that can accelerate time to revenue. Our platforms leverage SDN architectures to harness the power of the most flexible and programmable optical network. Multilayer optical networking flexibility also gives you an economical means to get the most out of your network for every application and fiber type.

The Photonic Service Engine 3 is lighting the way to a new approach and taking optical networking to the limit of physics. Fulfill your network’s true potential with maximum capacity and radically simplified programmability.


Nokia Optical Networking: Making light do more
Learn how WaveSuite can help you transform your optical network and seize new opportunities with digital services.

Explore our Optical Networking portfolio

Our Optical Networking portfolio supports next-generation multiservice and multilayer transport from access to core. It transforms your traditional optical network into a more scalable, efficient, and flexible multilayer transport network that has the programmability and intelligence to rapidly address your service needs.

WaveSuiteTransform your optical network with open applications that help you support digital services, increase operational efficiency, and control CAPEX 1830 Optical Network ExtenderMigrate to modern OTN/WDM transport without disrupting your network 1830 Security Management Server Unified key management across optical and microwave transport networks in support of business-critical applications 1830 Photonic Service Interconnect Efficient, cost effective transport capacity for advanced cloud interconnect 1830 Photonic Service Demarcation Deliver end-to-end Carrier Ethernet and wave services PSE Super Coherent Technology Keep up with service demands with the world’s most advanced super coherent digital signal processors 1830 Photonic Service Switch Increase service revenue, reduce network TCO, and extend network lifecycles with a scalable multilayer portfolio that lets you rapidly monetize your network investment 1830 Versatile WDM Module Portfolio Scale network capacity cost effectively by extending CWDM or DWDM to non-WDM-capable network elements Network Services Platform Deliver on-demand network services quickly and economically with a carrier SDN platform that unifies service automation and network optimization Optical Management System Streamline element, network, and service management with a unified, multi-technology platform for network planning and operations personnel 1390 Network Planning Tool Get engineering, planning, and analysis functions that help you bring more automation and efficiency to multilayer optical networks 1850 Transport Service Switch Support any mix of circuit and packet traffic with our flexible family of network transport switches Submarine Terrestrial Integration Integrating terrestrial WDM nodes with the submarine wet link eliminates back-back transponders and terminals to connect the cable landing station to the closest metro POP. Optical Network Certification ProgramOur Optical Network Certification program helps keep your network running smoothly and efficiently with training that leverages decades of Nokia optical networking experience and expertise. WaveLite enterprise optical networkingNokia WaveLite offers the ability to build enterprise private optical networks with ease and economy.


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