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OpenStack private cloud for large enterprises

Transform your existing enterprise legacy environment into an OpenStack private cloud

Beginning as an Open Source project in 2010, OpenStack®  ( has seen meteoric growth in the last few years. With literally thousands of corporate and individual contributors, it is now one of the leading platforms for both private and public clouds. Responding to customer demand, we’ve built a powerful and flexible enterprise private cloud architecture based on OpenStack.Our enterprise private cloud architecture addresses two key use cases for OpenStack: scaling OpenStack up to Webscale volumes and leveraging OpenStack in complex global multi-datacenter, hybrid cloud environments.

Connection is Mission Critical to Digital Enterprises

Our solutions in fact provide the mission critical communications infrastructure required for applications that provide a rich and globally consistent experience for end users or for digital transformation efforts across the board. As a proof point,our OpenStack-based private cloud solutions have been adopted by market and thought leading enterprises worldwide.

  • Enables board-level objectives such as “provide a rich and secure customer experience globally” to be met
  • Ensures multilayered security defenses to be built from both industry-leading and emerging security technologies  
  • Reduces total costs by at least 25% over the original legacy environment 

  • With our overlay approach, enterprises can leverage their current environment yet create a leading-edge private cloud.
  • Enterprises can unify even globally distributed datacenters into a cohesive, flexible private cloud with OpenStack orchestration.
  • With granular, end-to-end network security, enterprises can protect not only their internal operations but also their interactions with customers.

Paddy Power Betfair and the Road to Their Production Private Cloud [video]

Betfair leverages OpenStack to deliver the high transactional load of Betfair’s day-to-day operations (circa 2.7Bn API calls, 120M daily transactions).

Centuries-young bank opens a new era of progress
See how we're helping a bank with a 300-year history pursue new goals with an innovative OpenStack private cloud deployment.

Conglomerating a Private Cloud with OpenStack
See how a Korean conglomerate leveraged our architecture to provide a consolidated internal private cloud for its subsidiaries.

Nokia Public-private hybrid cloud (Infographic)
Illustrates why moving directly to a private-public hybrid cloud from Nokia makes business - and financial - sense for your enterprise.

Nokia Public-private hybrid cloud (Video)
Discusses major enterprise IT challenges, how they are addressed by a Nokia private-public hybrid cloud, and both business and financial benefits.

Top 5 Reasons for an OpenStack Private Cloud with Nokia (Flyer)
Articulates 5 great reasons why Nokia should be your vendor of choice for enterprise clouds.

Beyond the Trial Taking OpenStack to Production  (White paper from TechTarget)
Thought leadership white paper that highlights potential challenges encountered when enterprises take even a successful OpenStack trial into production and how to plan for success from the beginning of the trial.

Handling dynamic environments with OpenStack  (White paper from TechTarget)
Thought leadership white paper that discusses the challenges of managing dynamic workloads and ways in which the challenges can be overcome at large enterprises.

Getting to the Heart of Enterprise Cloud  (Podcast)
Industry expert Tom Nolle of CIMI corp articulates how to plan, architect, and extend OpenStack for even the largest and most complex enterprise environments

Stairway to Cloud (Application note)
With this step by step approach, even the most complex enterprise legacy architecture can be surely and rapidly transformed into a private cloud.

IDC Spotlight on Nokia private-public hybrid cloud  (Analyst brief)
This brief from leading industry analyst IDC discusses and analyzes the Nokia enterprise private-public hybrid cloud architecture as described in the Stairway to Cloud application note.

Nokia analysis demonstrates financial benefit for enterprises moving to private cloud  (Press release)
Describes the Nokia enterprise TCO model for private clouds based on OpenStack® and articulates the rationale behind a minimum of 25% reduction in overall costs as compared to the original legacy environment.

Nokia Private-public hybrid cloud Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  (White paper)
Articulates the overall approach, assumptions, and constants of the Nokia enterprise private cloud TCO model as validated by leading industry analyst IDC.