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Nokia WiFi for consumers, please click here

Nokia WiFi

for Service Providers

Create a perfect broadband experience in every corner of the home

The Nokia WiFi Way

Nokia enhances in-home Wi-Fi solution for service providers to provide a faster, better, smarter network experience

  • Expanded portfolio of Nokia residential devices and gateways now support intelligent mesh Wi-Fi capabilities
  • New software and analytics provide self-healing, self-learning, self-care functions that optimize Wi-Fi networks and maximize performance
  • Nokia enables service providers and users to quickly identify and resolve Wi-Fi network issues with new online portal and mobile application

Nokia WiFi of course uses the latest 802.11 k/v standards, dual-band Wi-Fi and hi-gain antennas. But it goes much further than any other solution available today to provide an unsurpassed in-home Wi-Fi experience.

  • True, intelligent meshing for 100% coverage
  • Detection and identification of Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference sources
  • Non-destructive network performance when adding new beacons
  • Continuous machine learning to understand the needs of every device in every location in the home
  • Dynamic path selection, fast re-routing and seamless roaming for a glitch-free experience

The solution

The residential Wi-Fi gateway and beacons create the perfect in-home network. Powerful, beautiful and designed for self-install, they wow your customers right out of the box. Wi-Fi beacons combine to form a mesh network while the gateway gives customers access to the fiber network.

Our Home Portal gives you a holistic view of the in-home network and connected devices. Heat maps, device lists, issues, spectrum analysis and historical data concerning interference and broadband quality let helpdesk agents quickly identify and resolve any issues. Home Portal also brings insights that create upsell opportunities.

Customers can also have a detailed view of their network and manage devices, guest access and security from a mobile app and complementary web GUI.

Intelligent mesh networking

Nokia's intelligent mesh technology ensures 100% coverage with no deterioration in performance when new beacons are added. Its peer-to-peer architecture eliminates the need for a central controller and ensures fast and seamless roaming. The wireless performance is measured in real time, and the network is dynamically adjusted to improve coverage and capacity.

Real-time interference detection

Real-time spectrum analysis detects Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference sources (Bluetooth speakers, microwaves, cordless phones, etc.).

Individual client fingerprinting

Machine learning is used to understand the unique technical and usage characteristics of every device in order to provide the optimal connection to each.

Intelligent and automated

Nokia WiFi is self-healing (re-routing in under 0.5 seconds), self-optimizing (dynamic path selection), and self-organizing (plug and play). It automatically detects and resolves connectivity issues before customers are even aware of them, which dramatically reduces helpdesk calls and increases customer satisfaction.

Home Portal

The Home Portal gives you a holistic view of the in-home network and connected devices so helpdesk agents can quickly identify and resolve any issues. Home Portal automatically proposes solutions and its insight into home usage brings upsell opportunities.