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Network Sharing

Find out how Network Sharing can reduce the total cost of network ownership

The popularity of mobile communications is evidenced by its 4.7 billion plus unique subscribers worldwide, most of whom use it without a thought for the complex technology and business set-up necessary to support it. For operators the industry can be very rewarding; equally it can be very challenging. While traffic has grown significantly, operator revenues have not grown in the unison. Network sharing is not only a qualified approach in helping to mitigate some of the challenges operators face, it is also both qualified and quantifi. Managed well, network sharing can help reduce costs, maximize efficiency while increasing competitiveness and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Two or more operators share the network infrastructure in order to improve economies of scale. Typically radio access network, cell sites and backhaul transport is shared, but core network equipment remains  dedicated to each operator
  • In cases where two existing mobile networks are consolidated, either as a result of merger or acquisition, networks consolidation usually results in improved coverage and ultimately reduced costs
  • Similarly, the costs associated with the deployment and subsequent running costs of a new network or technology layer that is shared will be  significantly less, compared to the costs of separate network entities
  • Network sharing improves time to market for the deployment of new networks and technologies, increasing competitive edge
  • Better coverage generally leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and increases customer acquisition and retention rates
  • Additionally, the outsourcing of network operations through Managed Services, enabling enhanced customer focus and business success.

Many operators – even fierce competitors – either have or are considering network sharing as a means to reduce their costs, expand their networks and achieve an efficient and effective roll-out of new technologies.

The potential savings attributable to network sharing will vary dependent on the exact implementation, however it can amount up to 40+%.

Nokia can help design, build and where necessary operate and maintain shared networks as well as help in developing an appropriate business model.

We offer network sharing solutions for all Radio Access Technologies using all approaches, from Passive Sharing to Active RAN Sharing (MOBSS, MORAN and MOCN).

Nokia deployed the World’s first shared network, the World’s largest shared network and the World’s most advanced shared network. If you’re considering network sharing as a strategy; why not come and talk with us?

White papers

Nokia Network Sharing

Nokia has always been at the forefront of network sharing. Our pioneering approach meant that we supplied the world’s:

  • first commercial shared network
  • largest commercial shared network
  • only commercial GSM-WCDMA-LTE MOCN

As a result, we are the preferred partner for many of the existing commercial shared networks, which draw on our wealth of experience implementing and managing shared networks.