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NetGuard Network Security

Secure your radio and core network domains

Nokia NetGuard Network Security lets you use access policies and proven practices to protect your network assets and operations from a wide range of threats. 

Our solution helps you monitor network elements and prevent unauthorized access, misuse, and modification of data. It also helps you guard against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

With NetGuard Network Security, you can build a comprehensive security solution that combines the capabilities of three products:

  • Certificate Manager: Ensure that only authorized base stations can access the network
  • Core Network Security: Protect against attacks through the internet (Gi interface) and roaming access (Gp interface)

Threat Scenario: Video call interception

Certificate Manager

  • Address 3GPP security requirements with an automated, scalable, and cost-effective solution
  • Ensure that your 3GPP standardized LTE network provides the same level of security as your 3G network
  • Unify security across access technologies (macro and small cells)

Core Network Security

  • Prevent unauthorized access to core network elements
  • Prevent eavesdropping and theft of subscriber data
  • Protect your business and brand image by preventing security breaches and theft of user data

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Nokia NetGuard Network Security provides comprehensive protection for radio and core networks. It protects core networks with firewalls, an intrusion detection and prevention system, deep packet inspection, and secure DNS. With NetGuard Network Security, you can shield your network from internet-based attacks, keep customer data safe, and ensure high service availability and network reliability.