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NetAct Advanced Configurator

NetAct Advanced Configurator - Achieve high network quality and operational efficiency

Whether making minor parameter changes or launching a completely new service, NetAct Advanced Configurator helps you configure your radio and core network more efficiently. Furthermore, by streamlining and automating configuration management processes and tasks, NetAct Advanced Configurator enables you to react immediately to network changes and new demands.

NetAct Advanced Configurator’s integrated applications let you perform network-wide operations up to 80 percent faster than by applying repetitive manual tasks to multiple regional OSS/EMS systems. NetAct Advanced Configurator provides a centralized data storage and the same harmonized tools and processes for all operations, regardless of the network supplier. Its flexible workflow capabilities ensure smooth interaction with your own tools and processes.

By automatically checking the consistency of your network parameters, typically numbering in millions, NetAct Advanced Configurator helps you improve network quality. With automatic auditing and consistency checking you can trust, both your network and your customers get the best quality experience.

Now you can expand your network faster, confident that you have correct and consistent parameters.

NetAct Advanced Configurator lets you seamlessly manage all the different networks domains (radio and core networks) and network technologies (GSM, WCDMA, LTE). You can also configure all vendors’ configuration data, giving you a holistic view across the entire network.

With our EdenNet you can benefit from highly automated configuration and optimization capabilities such as speeding up your roll-out with the instant integration of new base stations.


  • An integrated configuration management tool for multi-technology, multi-vendor networks:
    • improve your network quality and the customer experience
    • ensure a holistic view across the network
  • Access to real-time configuration data with centralized data storage:
    • you always have access to the actual network element data
    • innovative network auditing lets you easily verify configuration data in advance, reducing faulty data in the network
  • EdenNet – automated operations for configuring multi-radio and core networks:
    • OPEX savings compared to manual processes and multiple systems
    • 24/7 optimization for quality, fixing network issues and boosting the customer experience
  • Multiple delivery options:
    • Pre-defined platforms to manage small, medium and large networks
    • Cloud deliverable without OEM hardware
    • Term licensing for project use