Motive Customer eXperience Solutions


Motive Customer eXperience Solutions

Improve business performance by delivering a superior customer eXperience

Nokia Motive Customer eXperience Solutions (CXS) let you consolidate your device management and customer care activities across fixed and mobile services. They help you reduce OPEX and total cost of ownership (TCO) while providing experiences that secure customer loyalty and boost your Net Promoter Score®.

With Motive CXS, you get a secure, service-agnostic framework that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing customer eXperience management (CEM) operations. Our solutions allow you to:

  • Control the complete lifecycle of mobile, home, and IoT devices and efficiently deliver new services to every device
  • Provide a consistent, virtualized customer care experience across fixed, mobile, enterprise, and IoT services
  • Use real-time analytics to predict problems and resolve them proactively, before they impact customers

We support our solutions with world-class design, implementation, deployment, and hosting services. And we use proven expertise from Nokia Bell Labs Consulting and our professional services to ensure that you benefit from solid research and industry best practices.

How can Motive CXS help your business?

  • Build exceptional experiences around mobile, home, and IoT devices with a converged cloud platform
  • Accelerate return on investment by launching new services faster on every device
  • Avoid unnecessary truck rolls by solving more problems at the help desk
  • Boost customer satisfaction and reduce costs by enabling customers to handle most problems through self-care
  • Make the customer eXperience simpler by recognizing problem signatures in self-care and fixing them proactively
  • Prevent churn by using analytics to identify and resolve problems that silent customers don’t report to the help desk

Discover our Motive CXS portfolio

Our Motive CXS portfolio includes award-winning solutions that have generated €2 billion in savings for our top ten customers. We can help you use connected device management, advanced care and provisioning, and predictive analytics to deliver the best possible customer eXperience.

Motive Connected Device PlatformReduce OPEX and TCO for device management and deliver better customer experiences for mobile, home, and the Internet of Things

Motive Care and ProvisioningBoost your Net Promoter Score and reduce support costs with an omnichannel platform that consolidates your customer care activities across fixed and mobile services

Motive Home and Access AnalyticsReduce costs and secure customer loyalty by addressing issues proactively, before customers notice them

More insights about our Customer eXperience Solutions

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Nokia can help you transform your customer care operations by shifting your focus to simpler processes and higher customer satisfaction. Our award-winning Motive Customer eXperience Solutions let you support connected device management, customer care, provisioning, and customer eXperience analytics with a single platform. By combining these solutions, you can provide care that drives down costs and deliver experiences that inspire customers to remain loyal.