Mobile Transport

Drive mobile and wireless service evolution with an efficient and responsive all-IP transport network

Use our all-IP Mobile Transport solutions to address connectivity challenges created by more and increasingly diverse radio sites, services, and traffic.

Keeping pace with the demand for mobile broadband and Internet of Things (IoT) applications requires continuous service upgrades. To stay competitive, you need to:

  • Take advantage of new and aggregated spectrum, new radio algorithms and architectures, and densification with small cells
  • Embrace wireless applications that leverage mobile assets to support tailored services for IoT, M2M and video
  • Prepare for 5G technologies, which will create additional opportunities for your business

These advances are increasing demands for antenna-to-core connectivity. Our solutions ease the pressure on your transport network by allowing you to:

  • Access and provision more diverse sites, carry more traffic and a higher ratio of packets, and support new radio topologies, including fronthaul
  • Support advanced wireless applications with widely varying service characteristics
  • Meet increasing expectations for reliability and high availability
  • Support cloud evolution of packet core infrastructure

Our transport networking solutions are efficient, responsive, and 100% packet. They give you the flexibility, scalability and simplicity you need to address evolving mobile and wireless service requirements – today and in the future.

How can your business benefit from all-IP mobile transport?

  • More flexibility: Support diverse radio architectures, site requirements, and service-level agreements at an appropriate cost
  • Effortless scalability: Boost network performance when and where you need to – quickly and easily
  • Operational simplicity: Cut through the complexity of diverse network requirements so you can launch sites and applications efficiently and responsively

Explore our transport solutions for mobile and wireless services

Our transport offer draws on our portfolio of proven IP, optical, microwave, fixed access, and network management solutions. It leverages expertise and technologies that have helped the world’s largest operators build and operate networks that span vast distances and support huge traffic volumes from multiple tenants.

Together with hundreds of customers, we’re delivering massively scalable systems and software to support dynamic, high-performance cloud networks that interconnect everyone and everything.

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More insights on our Mobile Transport solutions

Our all-IP Mobile Transport solutions can transform your fronthaul, backhaul, aggregation, and transport infrastructure. They deliver the scalabliity, flexibility, and operational simplicity you need to address evolving mobile and wireless connectivity demands. With technologies that leverage our leadership in IP, optical, microwave, fixed access, and network management, you can meet the needs of every customer and application with efficient and responsive service delivery.