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5G Anyhaul for Mobile Transport

Drive wireless service and application evolution with an efficient and responsive anyhaul network

Use our 5G Anyhaul solutions to address connectivity challenges created by increasingly diverse radio sites, RAN and core architectures, and wireless services and applications.

Keeping pace with demand for Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications and Massive Machine-Type Communications requires continuous upgrades. To stay competitive, you need to:

  • Take advantage of licensed and unlicensed spectrum, new radio and packet core architectures, and densification with small cells
  • Deliver an expanded range of tailored mobile and wireless services with network slices and converged access
  • Build the transport infrastructure now to prepare for 5G while using 4.5G and 4.9G to create additional opportunities for your business.

These advances are increasing demand for anyhaul connectivity, including fronthaul, midhaul, backhaul and core network applications. Our solutions ease the pressure on your transport network by allowing you to:

  • Reach more sites, deliver more traffic and meet the stringent latency requirements of centralized and cloud RANs
  • Support advanced mobile and wireless applications with widely varying service characteristics and use cases
  • Support cloud-native packet core solutions and software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Meet increasing requirements for synchronization, reliability and security..

Our transport networking solutions are efficient, responsive, and purpose-built for mobile. They address evolving mobile and wireless service requirements-today and in the future.

How can your business benefit from 5G Anyhaul for all your mobile transport needs?

  • Complete flexibility: Select the right network technology mix to support your business case now and in the future because the network will need to evolve rapidly to transport an expanding range of services and network slices.
  • Endless scalability and optimization: Boost network performance when and where you need to-quickly, easily and at an appropriate cost.
  • End-to-end programmability: Cut through network complexity with SDN automation so you can connect new sites quickly and interconnect virtual and physical functions dynamically in data centers and across WANS, and with strict transport SLAs.

End-to-end anyhaul networks dynamically interconnect evolving RAN and packet core architectures and services

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What analysts are saying

"With the advent of 5G just around the corner, mobile operators are looking forward to a new era of denser radio networks, new spectrum, dramatically higher bandwidth and ultra-low latency. But for all its promise, 5G will make transport networks infinitely more complex, requiring extreme flexibility across the entire network spanning fronthaul, backhaul and core. A programmable, end-to-end transport network that can accommodate a variety of 5G use cases such as SmartGrid and the Internet of Things as well as 2G/3G and LTE will be a crucial part of any operator’s solution."

John Byrne
Service Director, Global Telecom Technology and Software, GlobalData

Explore our end-to-end transport solutions for mobile and wireless services

Our 5G Anyhaul solutions help you keep pace with the evolving transport requirements of wireless services and applications on the path to 5G. We offer full solution sets for microwave, IP, optical and next-generation PON networks. These technologies support an extensive range of capacities and can be deployed in a variety of topologies. They let you use analytics and SDN to automate provisioning, resource optimization and service assurance.

With the Nokia 5G Anyhaul solution, you can ensure that every packet is delivered with the quality, reliability and security your customers demand.

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