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Mobile Care

Give CSRs, technicians, and customers the tools they need to succeed with your mobile devices and services

Mobile Care builds a simpler and better customer experience around the mobile device. This solution empowers service providers to pursue a holistic customer experience management vision by providing visibility and control across device, networks, and systems.

Mobilize the customer experience

Mobile devices are have become the center of the customer engagement. Service providers know that an improved mobile customer experience is a prerequisite for business success. But service providers have big questions: How do we manage the growing complexity of mobile? How do we exceed customer expectations and differentiate our brand? How do we drive mobile data revenue?

Mobile customers expect simpler experiences. But the mobile ecosystem is becoming more complex. Service providers have to handle thousands of permutations of devices, operating systems and applications, and a mobile network that now includes 3G, 4G LTE, small cells, Wi-Fi, Voice over Wi-Fi and VoLTE. To manage complexity and keep customers satisfied, service providers have to see and control the entire mobile ecosystem.

Remove complexity to empower customer care

Service providers need agent-assisted and mobile self-service care solutions that simplify the customer experience. Mobile Care removes complexity by combining end- to-end visibility with diagnostics that pinpoint and resolve issues across devices, applications, networks and back-office systems. It eases the customer journey with a care interface that combines consolidated data with standardized workflows to guide CSRs and customers through problem resolution processes. These workflows can be reused for agent-assisted and self-service care. With Mobile Care, service providers can empower customer care to reduce costs, speed problem resolution and improve the customer experience.

Be proactive with brand perception

Mobile Care enables service providers to move from reactive to proactive by identifying and resolving problems before customers notice them. It proactively captures and analyzes data from many sources and triggers actions to address emerging network, device, service and application issues. This approach reduces call drivers and call volume, helping service providers cut OPEX while boosting customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score.

Optimize and monetize the customer experience

Service providers want to make the mobile device the main point of engagement with customers. Mobile Care promotes engagement by allowing customers to resolve service issues and consume new offers through a single unified mobile application. Its device and data management capabilities help service providers optimize the customer experience across devices, operating systems and networks. These capabilities also help service providers create personalized offers that drive data usage and increase service revenue.


  • Lower AHT by giving CSRs and customers the data, analysis and processes they need to resolve support issues
  • Improve customer satisfaction with proactive care, resolving problems before your customers notice them
  • Boost brand perception by conducting periodic network health checks to ensure optimal service stability
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by standardizing problem diagnosis and resolution processes
  • Increase mobile services revenue with targeted offers that appeal to customers


  • 24% of of customer retention is attributed to Customer Care
  • 60% increase in subscriber churn by making a single call to customer call center
  • 66% of subscribers would rather self-serve than call a service agent
  • 70% of the service problems are discovered when subscriber calls the service desk

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