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Critical WAN for Power Utilities

Build a converged network that supports all your critical applications

Nokia Critical WAN for Power Utilities lets you build a secure, reliable, and modern communications network that enhances control and monitoring. It provides the network components and expertise you need to:

  • Enable TDM migration while preserving the integrity of traditional SCADA and teleprotection systems
  • Support new Ethernet- and IP-based protection, SCADA, and video surveillance applications
  • Launch smart grid applications more easily

Our solution helps you transition to a utility-grade converged IP/MPLS and packet optical network that’s ready for growing Ethernet and IP application traffic. It gives you the flexibility to carry IP/MPLS services over an optical or packet microwave transmission layer. And it supports traditional TDM and new IP/Ethernet traffic with the high availability and stringent latency required for applications such as teleprotection.

Succeed with a complete WAN solution

Realize the benefits of an adaptive grid communications network. With our IP/MPLS network for utilities, you can support all traffic types and use one management system for all your fiber, microwave, and copper network assets.

Tata Power case study

Support teleprotection over IP/MPLS and microwave

Teleprotection is your most mission-critical and time-sensitive application. Our field-proven solution delivers teleprotection over IP/MPLS and packet microwave radio.

Reliable teleprotection over IP/MPLS with Nokia

Transport SCADA over IP/MPLS

Our solution lets you upgrade your network to IP/MPLS while supporting legacy SCADA systems without compromise. It allows you to reliably transport SCADA traffic so you can monitor, analyze, control, and maintain your power grid.

Enabling legacy SCADA migration to IP/MPLS

Secure your network and data

Utility networks are becoming targets for attacks and cybercrime. Our solution lets you secure your network and data against threats while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Watch video: Network group encryption

Get full value from your communications infrastructure

  • Run multiple applications over a common network infrastructure
  • Consume bandwidth dynamically and efficiently with application-specific hierarchical quality of service (HQoS)
  • Reduce operating costs by running fewer networks and simplifying maintenance processes

Preserve the integrity of traditional control applications

  • Deploy rugged, reliable communications network equipment designed to meet the strict requirements of mission-critical networks
  • Ensure predictable network performance with MPLS traffic engineering
  • Assure throughput and availability for critical applications, including protection

Roll out smart grid applications faster

  • Support smart grid programs with network infrastructure that delivers field-proven scalability, reliability and security
  • Streamline the introduction of new technology with a superior IP/MPLS service and network management system
  • Ease integration of IP/MPLS/Ethernet services with optical and microwave transmission
  • Support TDM migration with less cost and disruption

Choose a solution customized for utilities

Our Mission-Critical WAN solution combines proven products from our IP routing, optical networking, and packet microwave portfolios, including:

We customize our solution to address the business needs of the utilities industry. Read our whitepapers to learn about the use cases and applications we support:

Get expert support from Nokia services

We back our Mission-Critical WAN solution with network consulting, security consulting, design, project management and network deployment services. We can also deliver end-to-end integration and migration services for IP/MPLS, optical, and microwave networks. With our expert support, you can make a successful move to a next-generation utility communications network.