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Microwave Transmission

Microwave for the ultra-broadband era

Nokia's microwave transmission portfolio sets the standard for innovation in delivering faster, more efficient microwave links with flexible networking and simplified operations. Proven in more than 500 networks worldwide, the portfolio has been deployed in a wide range of applications including 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE mobile backhaul, high-capacity long-haul, and mission-critical networks for industries. The Nokia packet microwave solutions support a smooth transition to all-IP networks for increased capacity at a lower total cost of ownership.

Microwave networks under pressure

Traditional microwave networks are under pressure to support the growing adoption of packet-based applications and services. Voice demand is shifting to data demand as mobile subscribers surf the Internet, download apps and consume mobile video. Enterprise services are evolving to IP and must support higher-bandwidth applications, including video. To respond, you need cost-effective and reliable solutions that maximize radio link performance, support advanced packet networking and simplify operations.

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Build faster, more efficient microwave links

The unique features of our microwave portfolio let you deliver more data with superior performance while using less spectrum and equipment. These features include:

  • Advanced packet compression techniques that increase channel capacity by up to 300%
  • Scalable multichannel microwave links that support increased capacity and reliability
  • Adaptive modulation that extends across multiple channels to sustain maximum performance in all environments

Boost capacity and reliability with advanced networking

With our microwave solutions, you get advanced Carrier Ethernet networking capabilities that can double network capacity while delivering high availability. These capabilities include:

  • Unique ring and mesh topology configurations that can double network capacity, improve reliability and reduce network costs
  • Integrated IP-microwave solutions that reduce space and power consumption
  • The ability to support TDM, ATM, Ethernet and IP services on a single packet-based network

Simplify operations with an end-to-end approach

Our end-to-end portfolio is an industry first: a complete family of microwave solutions that addresses all network sizes and locations including tail, hub and backbone. With an approach that uses common equipment and software across all sites, we help you streamline management processes and reduce TCO. Our solutions offer:

  • Common radio transceivers that reduce the need for spares across all applications
  • A flexible range of Indoor Units (IDUs) and Outdoor Units (ODUs) to reduce space and power consumption
  • Common software and network management that simplify operations across the network

Nokia's end-to-end microwave portfolio

Diagram: Alcatel-Lucent's end-to-end microwave transmission portfolio

Microwave applications

Mobile backhaul

Microwave access to cell sites is an important building block for the delivery of mobile services. Today, more than 50% of the world's cell sites are connected to the network over microwave access. As both macro and small cell sites transition to packet-optimized, higher-speed 4G/LTE services, our portfolio provides cost-effective solutions to support this evolution.

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Long-haul transport

Our portfolio supports long-distance, high-capacity microwave applications. It offers flexible, secure, scalable and highly reliable solutions that also support a seamless TDM-to-packet migration path option.

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Mission-critical networks

Wireless transmission is a key requirement for power utilities, transportation and public safety. These industries often need to reach remote areas over difficult terrain. Our low-risk, high-availability microwave solutions support these mission-critical requirements. They also provide full support for IP transformation and can be delivered as part of an end-to-end approach that spans fixed and wireless networking.

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Market leadership

Indosat selects Alcatel-Lucent microwave portfolio

"Our customers are looking to access a range of video, gaming, multimedia and social networking services on their mobile devices, which requires a faster mobile backhaul network to support the resulting data traffic. At the same time, we need a network that can grow quickly and address fast-evolving customer requirements, without breaking the bank. The all-IP infrastructure from [Nokia] addresses all of these requirements, and gives us the flexibility we will need to meet our customers' expectations far into the future."

Hans Morizt, Director and Chief Technology Officer, Indosat

Stratos selects Alcatel-Lucent microwave portfolio

"Stratos has been serving the demanding communications requirements of the energy and transportation industries in the often harsh GoM environment for more than a decade. We are making a significant network investment - including upgrading the Stratos network from nested ATM rings to an IP/MPLS infrastructure using advanced packet microwave and IP routing technology - so we can continue offering high-bandwidth, low-latency, high-value and extremely reliable services while minimizing communications costs for our customers."

George V. Head, Senior Vice President, Broadband Services, Stratos, an Inmarsat Company

Smile Africa selects Alcatel-Lucent microwave portfolio

"4G LTE mobile broadband has the potential to transform economies and lives. New video and Internet-based services will connect people, while allowing businesses to communicate to a wider audience, opening up new revenue streams. Smile will continue to innovate across Africa, to bring faster speeds and greater quality mobile broadband to meet all our customers' business and social communications needs."

Tom Allen, Chief Operating Officer, Smile

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