Micro-nodes bring ultra-broadband to any user

Small fixed-access nodes provide high-capacity connections wherever users need them

Micro-nodes deliver fast and easy connectivity from any location. A key part of our comprehensive fixed access portfolio, these flexible nodes let you use the best of FTTH and FTTx technologies to quickly and cost effectively bring ultra-broadband service to any user.

What are micro-nodes?

Micro-nodes are small, fixed-access nodes that use VDSL2 and G.fast to deliver ultra-broadband services to small numbers of end users. Silent and discreet, micro-nodes can be deployed in any location that is conveniently close to users and cost effective for the service provider.

Deliver ultra-broadband anywhere users need it

Ultra-broadband: Connecting the ultra-connected society
Nokia Ultra-Broadband solutions help you meet the growing demand for bandwidth while addressing the unique needs of every community. They let you mix and match the strengths of diverse technologies and deployment models — from FTTdp with G.fast to FTTH and everything in between — so you can take the best approach for every city, street, and user.

Our micro-nodes provide cost-efficient solutions for locations where other options aren’t economical. With micro-nodes, you can deliver ultra-broadband service from telephone poles, manholes, walls and basements — anywhere users need it. This helps you avoid the high cost of deploying FTTH or a cabinet with VDSL2 or G.fast to serve a small group of users.

Micro-nodes offer other important advantages:

  • They can be passively cooled, and therefore absolutely silent
  • They are small and unobtrusive
  • They can be powered remotely
  • You don’t need building permits or lengthy approval processes to deploy them

To maximize your options, we offer micro-nodes capable of supporting small groups of subscribers — 48, 16, or even just 1. These nodes give you more choice and flexibility relative to powering (remote or reverse), uplinks (GPON or GE), mounting and service ports.

Micro-nodes: Fire-proof, water-proof, Sophie-proof

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Address unique challenges with custom micro-node configurations

Every deep-fiber deployment is unique. Requirements vary widely as nodes get smaller and move closer to end users. To bring more bandwidth to more people, you may have to deploy micro-nodes in different locations, environments and configurations. You need flexibility to meet each deployment challenge and optimize your micro-node business case.

We’re addressing this need with the industry’s first-ever customization program for micro-nodes. With our Micro-node Custom Configuration (MC2) program, we can assess your requirements and provide a solution that fits your exact needs. We can adapt our micro-nodes to meet requirements relating to form factor, environmental concerns, and look and feel. We can also design custom cabinets and enclosures if your deployment calls for a non-sealed solution.

Get expert support for your business case and roll out

We know it takes a significant investment to build an ultra-broadband infrastructure. So we make sure you get it right the first time by providing expert support for your business case and rollout.

Our Bell Labs Advisory Services will help you build and optimize your ultra-broadband business case. We’ll work with you to select the right mix of deployment models and technologies so that you can connect your subscribers in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our professional services teams are ready to assist you with your rollout. We can provide complete project lifecycle support or help you with engineering, site selection, integration, installation, or maintenance challenges.

Get to fast, faster

Broadband users want to connect with friends and family, enjoy new entertainment experiences, and reap the benefits of e-heath and e-learning services. Our micro-nodes, custom configurations, and expert support give you more ways to deliver the speed and bandwidth these users need. With Nokia Ultra-Broadband solutions, you can choose a mix of technologies and deployment models that will help you reduce costs and get to fast, faster.