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Micro-nodes: bringing ultra-broadband where you need it, connecting more people more quickly by programming the access node from the cloud.

To bring more bandwidth to more people, micro-nodes are ideal. They can deliver fast and simple connectivity in different locations, environments and configurations. But to do so, you need flexibility to meet each deployment challenge and optimize your micro-node business case. Our highly flexible micro-nodes let you use the best of FTTH and FTTx technologies to quickly and cost effectively bring ultra-broadband to any user.

Micro-nodes are small, fixed-access nodes that use VDSL2 and to deliver ultra-broadband services to small numbers of end users. Silent and discreet, micro-nodes can be deployed in any location that is conveniently close to users and cost effective for the service provider.

Nokia is a market leader in fixed broadband access, constantly innovating and driving standardization. While innovations continue to push the boundaries of physics with higher speeds, virtualized network functions make networks more scalable and efficient, connecting more people more quickly.

Nokia brings to market products that are seamlessly deployable in the current mode of operations, while adopting software-defined networking and network function virtualization (SDN/NFV) for next generation copper access networks. The programmability and automation of the copper access network can increase the speed of deployments by 50%.

Micro-nodes: Fire-proof, water-proof, Sophie-proof


Our micro-nodes provide cost-efficient solutions for locations where other options aren’t economical. Requirements vary widely as nodes get smaller and move closer to end users. With micro-nodes, you can deliver ultra-broadband services from telephone poles, manholes, walls and basements.

Nokia offers innovative solutions to deploy our growing portfolio of micro-nodes quickly and accurately. Speed, flexibility and reliability are increased with pre-assembled and tested micro-nodes and Zero Touch Provisioning for easy turn-up. Automation enables operators to deploy ultra- broadband wherever they need it at a lower cost.

The adoption of open and standardized management models and a persistent network representation in the cloud eliminate complexity while managing large numbers of micro-nodes (whether on- or off-line). As standardization and innovation continue to evolve, Nokia will help operators tackle the challenges of network densification, reverse power feeding and the introduction of SDN/NFV.


Nokia addresses unique challenges with custom micro-node configurations. We can adapt our micro-nodes to meet your requirements for form factors, environmental concerns, and look and feel. We can also design custom cabinets and enclosures if your deployment calls for it.

We offer micro-nodes capable of supporting subscriber groups from 1 to 192 ports for FTTx and FTTN deployments. These nodes give you more choice and flexibility relative to powering (local, remote or reverse), uplinks (GPON, 1G or 10G Ethernet), mounting and service ports.

Micro-nodes offer other important advantages:

  • Fitting any deployment model in telco rooms, basements, buildings, manholes and on walls.
  • Easy operation and serviceability for compact cabinet deployments and outdoor conditions.
  • Designed to support voice, VDSL2, Vplus, in mixed and VDSL2 fall back modes.
  • Small and unobtrusive, either modular or sealed.
  • Passively cooled, and therefore absolutely silent.
  • Remote powering from the central office or reverse powering from the customer premises (ETSI Compliant TS 101 548).
  • Seamlessly deployable NETCONF/YANG nodes, co-existing with the current mode of operations, while adopting SDN/NFV for efficiency and scale.