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Metro Cell Express

Simplify and speed metro cell deployment

Nokia Metro Cell Express solves your deployment challenges. It gives you the speed and agility you need to meet demand for coverage and capacity. With Metro Cell Express, you can deploy metro cells in any environment – outdoors or indoors, urban or rural.


Reduction in integration time


Faster time to market


Outdoor sites

But metro cell deployment can be complex. You need locations that can maximize capacity and offer access to backhaul networks and power sources. You also have to navigate environmental and zoning issues and manage relationships with landlords.

  • Accelerate large-scale metro cell deployments with expert support from Nokia.
  • Get greater capacity and improved coverage.
  • Solve today’s deployment challenges including access to sites, power, backhaul, installation, and more.

Get to market faster

Get a quick start with sites pre-qualified for large-scale small cell deployments.

Ready access to optimal sites simplifies network design and overall deployment. And it ensures rapid coverage and capacity addition so you can build a better network, and a better customer experience.

We speed and simplify every step of the process, from site location and selection to network design, integration, and optimization

  • Reduce network design time with our experts and Bell Labs innovations and tools
  • Speed installation with certified, trained installers
  • Cut integration time in half with advanced remote integration capabilities

Better value from your investment

Reduce cost and steer clear of needless investment by finding the best locations for your metro cells. Our experts use advanced methods and tools to pinpoint locations that avoid interference and maximize capacity and offload. And our partnership agreements give you access to street furniture and other assets at optimal locations.

Rapidly scale capacity

When deployed in hotspots, metro cells offer significant capacity and end-user throughput improvement. In areas where 10 metro cells are deployed, customers can experience a 960% gain in median throughput.

But scaling a network 10x can place tremendous stress on installation and integration personnel. Our certified installers and automated integration capabilities ensure your metro cell capacity addition isn’t limited by a lack of skilled resources.

Metro Cell Express: Metro cell deployment expertise

Metro Cell Express accelerates large-scale metro cell deployments through a combination of Nokia expertise, Bell Labs innovations and tools, and certified partnerships.

Our deployment experts combine wide-ranging small cell design, integration and optimization experience with knowledge gained in building the world’s largest wireless networks.

  • We currently serve 27 metro cell customers in 19 countries.
  • In all, we have 129 commercial small cell contracts with 74 customers across 51 countries.


Get subscriber projections, capacity analysis, and spectrum planning with our expert planning, analysis, and recommendations for network evolution.



Stop guessing. You need more than heat map analysis to identify the best hot spots.

We determine the optimal location and offload capability for each metro cell by analyzing real network traffic.

And we help you make smart economic decisions by evaluating power and backhaul connectivity, deployment requirements and potential interference at every candidate site.




Get subscriber projections, capacity analysis, and spectrum planning with our expert planning, analysis, and recommendations for network evolution.



Part of Metro Cell Express, our award-winning Site Certification Program provides ready access to new sites, existing backhaul, and certified 3rd party installers.

  • Reduce time to market by 40% by partnering with certified site owners, installers, and backhaul facility providers
  • Deploy small cells on a large scale by gaining access to more than 100,000 qualified outdoor small cell sites
  • Access outdoor locations such as light posts, bus stops, and billboards

In addition to our Site Certification Program, we partner with companies such as JCDecaux, the world’s #1 outdoor advertising company, to provide you with access to additional sites.



Deploy faster and at a higher quality. Integrate sites 50% faster. Our Remote Integration Testing Center (RITC) tracks site performance and meets KPIs before assets go live. We reduce costs and time to market with a scalable skilled workforce and automated processes that boost quality, first time right rates and cell traceability.

With support from our RITC, you can scale quickly and reliably without having to hire and train new technicians.



Our experts ensure the network exceeds key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep your network running at peak performance.

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