LTE Ultra-Broadband

Move forward fast with LTE

Move ahead of the competition with an LTE Ultra-Broadband solution from Nokia.

Our LTE overlay approach lets you deploy LTE quickly and add capacity at lower cost. It helps you make a fast, decisive move to LTE so you can gain a competitive advantage and maximize revenue and market share.

We back our solution with expertise developed in LTE deployments around the world. Our LTE overlay approach has been selected and deployed by 8 of the world’s 10 largest mobile network operators. These operators drive over 50% of the LTE market.

Our solution can meet your needs, too. We offer capabilities that span LTE, small cells, voice and video applications, and services. These capabilities are proven in a wide variety of environments, including the densest and most demanding ones. With our technologies and experience, you can make a smooth transition to LTE and beyond.


Grow your business with LTE

Move your business forward by giving people what they want: ultra-high capacity, comprehensive coverage, rich service experiences, and room to evolve.

Our LTE ultra-broadband solution helps you captivate customers with capacity where it's needed, superior voice and video performance, and a steady stream of compelling new services.

Create a market advantage

LTE enhances the mobile experience by boosting speed and performance. A quick move to LTE gives you an edge on the competition. It also allows you to drive up subscriber consumption by offering standout services. On average, LTE users consume 3X more mobile data than 3G users. This means more revenue for you.

Why invest in LTE?

  • Increase market share with services that capitalize on the superior performance of LTE
  • Spend less on operations by moving to technology that lowers cost per bit by a factor of 4 compared to 3G
  • Improve ARPU by moving subscribers to more lucrative data plans

Get to LTE faster

An LTE overlay gives you the fastest and simplest path to LTE. It lets you avoid the complications that come with upgrading legacy equipment to LTE.

  • Speed service rollouts by up to 50% through simpler installation, integration, commissioning, and training procedures
  • Improve reliability by up to 28% by minimizing the potential for costly disruptions to legacy network services
  • Focus and protect critical LTE investments by handling mobile data growth cost effectively while preparing for centralized and virtualized RAN architectures (vRAN)

We support our solution with services, tools, and procedures that are trusted by operators worldwide. Our innovations and expertise get you to LTE faster so you can start winning new customers and generating new revenue.








Increase capacity and optimize performance

Deliver industry-leading capacity and performance with a solution purpose-built for LTE. Our LTE ultra-broadband solution uses dedicated resources. It supports innovations such as HetNets, small cells, LTE Advanced, beamforming, 8T8R, and Self Organizing Networks.

  • Increase capacity with a baseband unit (BBU) that supports the highest density in the industry: 16,000 simultaneous connections, 8 carriers MIMO 4x4 20 MHz, and 24 cells in a single unit
  • Deliver superior performance with an ultra-wideband LTE radio platform. Our platform lets you support a large spectrum bandwidth (up to 194 MHz) in a single radio. This means you use fewer radios overall. The platform improves your flexibility with remote software configurable transmission modes and cost-optimized distributed antenna system configurations.
  • Leverage existing investments with an LTE radio access network (RAN) that lets you mix vendors and technologies. We offer proven interworking with all major vendors and support all major frequencies across frequency-division duplexing and time-division duplexing modes.

Deliver the best user experience

Add features that give you a competitive advantage and bring the best return on your LTE investment. We use our partnerships with market-leading operators to provide a solution that delivers a best-in-class user experience, unlocks new revenue, and supports LTE innovation.

  • Deliver HD voice quality, simultaneous voice and data, and Rich Communications Services with our Voice over LTE (VoLTE) solution. Our solution helps you enhance the customer experience and capitalize on the spectral efficiency that VoLTE provides. We use our LTE market leadership, deep VoLTE experience, and fully integrated RAN, EPC, and IMS offer to help you roll out high-performance VoLTE services quickly and securely.
  • Use LTE Broadcast (eMBMS) to create business opportunities at venues such as arenas, stadiums, shopping malls, and concert halls. eMBMS lets you deliver targeted video and data content – and nearly infinite capacity – to thousands of subscribers through spectrum-efficient LTE broadcasts. Our eMBMS solution is backed by comprehensive professional services and eMBMS expertise gained through several years of trials. It will help you roll out LTE Broadcast services quickly and safely.

Manage and optimize every aspect of service delivery with our end-to-end LTE solution. The solution spans voice, video and content delivery, core networks, transport, macro cells, metro cells, and indoor small cells for homes and businesses. It includes fully integrated services and network management capabilities delivered through our Motive® customer experience management portfolio.

Signals Research Group study highlights the efficiency of VoLTE








Independent benchmark study of AT&T's VoLTE service, which is powered by Nokia


Work with a proven wireless leader

  • LTE – 80+ references in 40+ countries and 7+ years of deployment experience
  • Small cells – 130+ commercial contracts in 50+ countries
  • VoLTE – 128M+ subscriber licenses shipped worldwide
  • Managed services – 200M subscribers in 80+ networks
  • Customer experience management – 600+ deployments worldwide

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