lightRadio™: Evolve your wireless broadband network


lightRadio™: Evolve your wireless broadband network

Lightradio Network:
Get Broadband Capacity
Where and When You
Need It. Now.

lightRadio Network: Get Broadband Capacity Where and When You Need It. Now.

Feed the Need for Broadband

Demand for mobile broadband continues to grow, with no end in sight. Now, the industry's most comprehensive networking portfolio delivers the ultra-broadband experience with the capacity wherever and whenever it's needed. The Alcatel-Lucent lightRadio™ Network does what traditional cellular networks can no longer do: put you ahead of your customers' thirst for mobile bandwidth.

  • Add capacity efficiently, intelligently, and at lower cost with the lightRadio Network.
  • Increase hotspot capacity by up to 10x more than a traditional converged RAN type of network. Find out more about the Alcatel-Lucent Small Cells Portfolio
  • Deploy lightRadio now to profit from the mobile data market. Read the new lightRadio Network Strategic White Paper
Deliver a Seamless Mobile Experience

Deliver a Seamless Mobile Experience

Optimize capacity gains and ensure Quality of Experience for your users with lightRadio. The lightRadio Network provides a seamless experience across licensed cellular and unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum. So you can take advantage of the economics of Wi-Fi and the performance of 2G, 3G and 4G without any interruption in service or inconvenience to your subscribers. Read about the lightRadio Wi-Fi solution.

Lock in Your Competitive Advantage

Lock in Your Competitive Advantage

lightRadio is designed, from the ground up, to support the explosive demand for mobile broadband. Do away with legacy platforms designed for voice and messaging, and benefit from the unprecedented scale, flexibility and modularity in platforms and network architecture that lightRadio enables. lightRadio offers you:

  • Up to 50% TCO gains compared to legacy converged RAN-based solutions
  • Industry-leading small cell technology
  • The most scalable and intelligent packet core in the industry
  • Open standards to simplify introduction of multivendor solutions
  • The greatest power efficiency of its kind in the industry

Purpose Built Portfolio for Mobile Broadband

lightRadio adds capacity, wherever needed. Explore our portfolio for innovative ways to increase your capacity now to stay ahead of data demand that is expected grow 25x by 2016.

A Portfolio for Your Capacity Challenges
lightRadio is an end-to end solution built to meet the bandwidth challenges you face in all different types of environments. Small cells placed intelligently in the macro network bring capacity closer to the end user. Mixed with macro cell LTE networks, they increase data handling capacity in congested areas. We can show you how to increase the capacity of a hotspot in proportion to the number of small cells deployed by up to 10x. And, we can show you how to increase the capacity of a typical macro site by 50% to 100 % compared to a typical converged RAN depending on the environment in which it is deployed.

Increase Your Capital Returns

Today it may be a challenge just to keep up with demand. With the lightRadio Network, you can reduce the cost of satisfying demand, giving your team more latitude to focus on revenue generating offers.

Increase Your Capital Returns
Do you find yourself investing time in defensive data management oriented offers when you would rather focus on revenue-generating offers? The lightRadio Network helps you reduce the cost of satisfying demand so that you can focus on new services. How do we cut costs? Eliminate the need for cell splitting by using surgically targeted capacity solutions that economically increase capacity based on where it is needed the most. Change the economics of site rentals by deploying lightRadio Network elements that reduce the size and number of items that must be placed at a site. For example, gain a 30% savings in rental fees with lightRadio macro cells: they require fewer elements at cell sites, which reduces wind loading and tower base footprint. Increase overall data capacity but keep the costs low by integrating Wi-Fi into the cellular framework.

Read the lightRadio Economic Analysis White Paper

Green Your Network

Increase acceptance for new sites and reduce your carbon footprint by deploying a network specifically designed to blend in with the environment.

Green Your Network
lightRadio Small Cells have been designed to blend in with the environment. That means they face significantly fewer zoning barriers than a traditional cell site. We paid special attention to industrial design and power consumption as we developed lightRadio, and the result is nearly invisible elements that consume less power than alternate options. For example, the lightRadio Cube elements use about 35% less power than a comparable remote radio head based installation. Over five years, the CO2 emission savings from deploying the lightRadio Network in a major city such as New York is equal to removing 14,000 cars from the roads!

Adapt to Market Changes

With new devices entering the market at a rapid pace, you want to know that you can adapt quickly. The lightRadio Network is agile and flexible, equipping you to keep pace with changing capacity demands in access, transport and core domains of your network.

Adapt to Market Changes
Adapt quickly to changing data demands with the lightRadio Network. Even as new types of devices and applications hit your network, you can rely on the agility and flexibility of the lightRadio Network to help you respond to changing capacity demands in the access, transport and core domains of network. The modularity of the Wideband Active Antenna Array (WB-AAA) means it can easily scale up or down to satisfy different coverage or capacity needs. Virtualization of capacity, control and management gives you even greater flexibility. By hosting these functions on standard IT equipment and locating them in the "cloud", you can adapt to changes in demand based on time and location and also scale capacity without restrictions on space or cost at a cell site.

Read the lightRadio White Paper: Technology Overview

Etisalat Logo

"Etisalat is a pioneer in delivering innovative services and applications to our customers to meet their needs in both their social and work lives. This agreement will allow us to shape the future of mobile networks and define how lightRadio can be best implemented to satisfy our customers growing demands. Etisalat is proud to be the only operator in the Middle East and Africa to join this pioneering program."

Nasser bin Obood, Acting CEO- Etisalat

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"Co-development with Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs will benefit evolving our network technology to support the next generation of mobile-based applications, experiences, economies, and social networks."

Wang Jianzhou, Chairman of China Mobile

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"Claro Puerto Rico continues to lead the market with the most advanced technology on the island's most powerful network. With speeds as high as 100 megabits per second, our subscribers will enjoy the most advanced wireless broadband services. This includes, amongst others, HD video with Video on Demand, at least 10 times faster high-speed navigation, high definition videoconferencing, online gaming and other applications."

Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, President of America Movil's operations in Puerto Rico

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