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Lean Operations

Experience lean operations

See firsthand how network functions virtualization (NFV) can help you deliver unmatched service experiences and achieve effortless operations. Experience our lean operations demonstration and discover how you can use automation and virtualization to realize the promise of the telco cloud.

Lean operations brings the benefits of software-defined networking (SDN), NFV, and dynamic service orchestration to network operations and maintenance. Through lean operations, you can automate network function deployment and lifecycle management processes on a large scale. You can use this automation to launch and operate new digital services with minimal incremental cost.

A shift to lean operations gives you access to tools and insights that can help you succeed in an increasingly sophisticated and virtualized world. By going lean, you can:

  • Scale your network to support innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G
  • Differentiate your applications and services
  • Compete effectively against global over-the-top (OTT) players
  • Troubleshoot complex problems with ease

Achieving operations excellence with lean NFV ops

Our live and interactive demo offers a full realization of what NFV can do. Book a session with us and learn how we can help you achieve lean operations.


From vision to reality: Creating tomorrow’s networks with today’s technology

Many vendors talk about NFV or demonstrate limited NFV capabilities. At Nokia, we are looking at overall transformation towards NFV and the true potential of NFV. We’re also examining the operational challenges that NFV creates.

Our lean operations demo offers a blueprint for what service providers can achieve by fully adopting NFV. It is a reference point that you can explore and use as a guide.

Innovative services with unmatched user experience

NFV brings extreme agility that can help you take on fierce competition by launching innovative services at web speed. To offer a top end-user experience, you need to be able to preserve quality of experience and service continuity during management operations.

Our demo shows how an end-to-end approach to NFV can help you react to unexpected demand, handle maintenance operations and failures, and respond with dynamic system changes in a way that will be completely transparent to end users. Our implementation covers all aspects of NFV, from network automation to dynamic service orchestration.

Effortless operations

NFV can help your operations teams do and achieve more by automating deployment and lifecycle management processes for virtualized network functions (VNFs). To manage the complexity of virtualized networks – and the information overload that often comes with them – your teams will need much more.

Our demo illustrates how you can achieve effortless operations through the use of analytics, automation, programmability, and human factors engineering. With lean operations, you can remain agile and nimble at any scale.


What we’re demonstrating: A complete NFV solution

Our interactive demonstration showcases a fully virtualized, end-to-end solution for operations management. Running live over 100 virtual machines, it presents:

  • A virtualization catalog that supports rapid service instantiation
  • A holistic approach to lifecycle management and reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) tests
  • Advanced service function chaining
  • Integration with operations support systems (OSS), NFV management and orchestration (MANO) platforms, and SDN

What’s in the demo: Products, solutions, and services

Our demonstration is a modular and scalable cloud system that aligns fully with ETSI NFV specifications. It uses products and solutions from Nokia and third-party vendors to virtualize the mobile core and the IP Multimedia Subsystem. The demonstration includes:

  • Applications provided through our IMS software, virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC), and CloudBand™ Ecosystem partners
  • Platforms such as CloudBand, Enhanced OSS portfolio, AirFrame, Nuage Networks™ Virtualized Services Platform, and our Network Services Platform
  • Infrastructure provided by Nokia AirFrame and CloudBand portfolio (CloudBand Infrastructure Software, CloudBand Application Manager, CloudBand Network Director)

Our demonstration also draws on expertise and innovations provided by Bell Labs Consulting and our Professional Services practice.