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Seize Your Multiscreen Opportunity

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Online video and pay TV are coming together as consumers seek richer multimedia services. Armed with tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and other connected devices, today's consumers can access video content more easily and in more places than ever before. But consumers want to do more than just watch TV on different devices. They want true multiscreen services that can seamlessly deliver the same premium content, rich features and quality of experience (QoE) across every screen they use.

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A winning approach to the multiscreen market

The media industry's major players — content providers, broadcasters, advertisers — are vying for a share of the emerging multiscreen market. With unique assets like multi-platform infrastructures, customer bases and subscriber relationships, service providers are primed to compete and win.

Modeling by Alcatel-Lucent shows that service providers can spark media revenue growth by offering multiscreen services built around online video. They can succeed with offers that win and retain subscribers, secure their role in the IP video value chain, and generate sustainable revenue from every screen.

Alcatel-Lucent can help you seize your multiscreen opportunity. Using our comprehensive multiscreen solutions, you can:

  • Enrich the user experience and build more valuable customer relationships by delivering a more personal, seamless, and social multiscreen experience
  • Embrace open innovation that speeds time to market, generates more media revenue and supports new media business models that include content providers and advertisers
  • Optimize delivery by investing in online technologies that lower the cost of processing, merchandising and distributing high-quality content

Robust Multiscreen Offers

Alcatel-Lucent realizes that every PayTV provider faces different challenges and has invested in network and service assets that they want to leverage as much as possible. Therefore, we take a modular approach to our multiscreen offers, giving the PayTV provider flexibility and options, instead of a one-size-fits-all solution that may not be the best for that provider. We also realize that not all innovation in this space originates with Alcatel-Lucent, and have brought a selected number of best-of-breed third parties into our ecosystem.

With this in mind, Alcatel-Lucent's Multiscreen Video offer enables you to reach more subscribers, devices and locations with cost-effective online TV and video services. It leverages a strategic alliance between Alcatel-Lucent and thePlatform, the leading white label video publishing company. For IPTV providers specifically, we have a longstanding relationship with Microsoft® Mediaroom™, providing a platform of pre-integrated hardware and software that helps you create and deliver new digital TV and entertainment services across any connected device. Finally, we back these investments with the Velocix CDN platform, an on-net CDN that caches content closer to your subscribers, reducing transport costs while increasing quality and security.