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Any Vision. The highly personalized future of television.

From television to Any Vision

Any Vision is Nokia's inspiring glimpse into the future of TV and video about a decade from now. What we see is a world transformed from a fragmented and scheduled environment into a fluid and highly personalized consumer experience. One with more immersive and dynamic content from anyone; providing any show that’s consumed on any surface, at any time.

Enhanced screen technologies will enable any flat surface to render video. Any pane-of-glass, any table, any wall can be used to display content that's responsive to gestures, voice, and eye movement.

Content will be curated in a very personal way for individuals or groups. Accessing relevant content will be effortless across all consumer devices, inside and outside the home.

Professional and amateur brands will proliferate, inspiring the development of new and immersive content formats to satisfy consumer demand for innovative, engaging content.

Display surfaces and devices will be everywhere. In this connected world, consumers will enjoy a free-flowing experience as they transition seamlessly from one surface and location to the next with no interruption in content delivery – fueling unbounded, unrestricted, limitless consumption.

Powerful new methods of content curation will enable operators to satisfy a growing appetite for content that's exquisitely and exactly tailored to individual needs. Cognitive and behavioral factors coupled with machine learning and new network intelligence will be used to deliver content that responds dynamically in real-time to interests, mood, needs, viewing conditions, number of people, the time available, and other factors.

Any Vision foresees a future where content becomes democratized and many providers – brands and individuals – will gain access to open platforms to reach new consumers using bold new content formats. Consumers will choose from a wider choice of brands that deliver more innovative content that’s attuned to their needs and tastes, more quickly.

What Any Vision means for you Any Vision is intended to be a bold prediction and thoughtful guide for operators with profound implications for everyone. For Any Vision to be realized, however, technological breakthroughs in network architecture still need to happen. By putting a stake-in-the ground and declaring a vision for the shape of things to come; Nokia can help you see things clearly and make the right decisions now to be ready for a future that’s tantalizingly close.

What people are saying

The popularity of smartphones, consumers’ shift towards streaming media consumption and the emergence of an “app economy” are driving rapid and wholesale change in the $600 billion-plus Pay TV and VOD industry. What the industry will look like over the next five to ten years will be shaped largely by how and whether content distributors and aggregators act proactively to take advantage of these changes over the long run, as opposed to reactively responding in the present.

Paul Erickson, senior analyst, IHS Markit.

Service and technology providers, network operators, content owners, aggregators and others across the online video value chain have been key drivers of the IP video revolution and staggering consumer adoption. As video delivery transitions into IP data streams, we expect these same players will be at the forefront of creating immersive, next generation experiences that dramatically expand consumer engagement.

Jason Thibault, Executive Director, Streaming Video Alliance

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