IP Mobile Core

Embrace a world of new possibilities

The Nokia IP Mobile Core is a foundation piece you can use to build your winning strategy in a world where the game has changed. The global shift to 4G LTE and cloud infrastructures signals great challenges in mobile networks. But it also opens a world of opportunity for the mobile network operator equipped to win.

Our IP Mobile Core equips you to win.

It is a mobile packet core with the performance, scale, and reliability to deliver a seamless customer experience across all mobile broadband services.

It tackles today's shifts in traffic patterns and increasingly unpredictable signaling requirements. And it helps you unlock revenue opportunities, bolster customer loyalty, and dramatically improve the user experience.

  • See our newest IP routing features in action

    Demonstrations from SReXperts highlight the newest product functionality and performance rolling out for today’s networks. It’s just like being there!

    View our SReXperts demo videos

  • Virtualized EPC for today's 4G/LTE networks

    Offer services faster, ensure scalability and performance, and migrate to NFV and SDN at your own pace.

    Read our vEPC app note

  • ePDG: Expanding the mobile services footprint

    EPC for small cell networks

    Our evolved packet core provides the scalability and features needed for large 4G LTE small cell deployments.

    Read our EPC app note

Going virtual in the Evolved Packet Core

Our IP Mobile Core has been designed for the evolution to cloud networking.

Realize the benefits of a Nokia virtualized Evolved Packet Core:

  • Create and implement new mobile services with more agility and speed
  • Match network capacity to real-time demand with elastic scaling
  • Use resources more efficiently by sharing a common network infrastructure
  • Improve operational efficiency and automation

The cornerstones of our IP Mobile Core

Service delivery, seamless experience and scalable growth are the cornerstones of our IP Mobile Core. And they equip you to capitalize on emerging service trends.

Service delivery

Deliver mobile broadband services across all wireless access technologies, including 2G/3G, LTE/4G, and Wi-Fi®.

Our IP Mobile Core is designed to handle rigorous, unpredictable traffic from a variety of services. It offers enhanced data processing capabilities, advanced mobility management features, and a flexible, easy-to-use policy creation environment.

Seamless experience

Deliver a seamless, persistent, secure mobile broadband experience to your customers, across all access methods. Your subscribers will enjoy their mobile broadband experience "on the move" — with no interruptions or security concerns.

Scalable growth

Our IP Mobile Core can be deployed in a traditional environment or a virtual cloud environment, and is designed for scalable growth. Rather than squeezing services into best-effort pipes, we can deliver them on dedicated connections reserved for each service and its specific Quality of Service (QoS) requirements.

A highly flexible architecture

The IP Mobile Core is a complete 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi® core solution offering both physical and virtual network function deployment options and built with field-proven, highly reliable software.

Each option can be deployed either in stand-alone or combined configurations:

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