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IP Edge Routing

Take IP Edge router performance to new heights

Nokia IP edge routers deliver massive scale, high-performance routing and extensive capabilities enabling very high density aggregation and IP edge functions for service provider, webscale and enterprise networks.

Prepare for the future by building bigger, smarter, safer and more adaptive networks.
With our breakthrough, in-house silicon innovations, software and systems, you can modernize your IP network and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Use our breakthrough FP4 silicon innovations, software and systems to modernize your IP network and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, 5G and the IoT.

Stay ahead of increasing traffic demands with the Nokia 7750 SR-s, an IP router that blends high capacity with extensive capabilities and superior economics.

Our portfolio of Dynamic Enterprise Services lets you give them the agility, automation and assurance they need to succeed.

Power your edge network with our service routers

Blend the best of specialized IP routing hardware and virtualization to build a flexible, highly efficient network.

Diversify your services

Generate new service revenues by getting services to market in a timely and low-risk fashion.

Broaden your scope of services across residential, mobile and enterprise domains.

Deliver more bandwidth

Scale IP network performance while keeping a close eye on network costs.

Get the utmost in flexibility to meet growing demand.

  • The 7750 SR leverages industry-leading FP4 2.4 Tb/s routing silicon to provide terabits of routing capacity while minimizing your footprint and power consumption.
  • Quickly and cost-effectively add new services. Our VSR leverages x86-based platforms and NFV infrastructure to flexibly scale networks where and when required.

Drive operational efficiency

Get simplicity in your network operations and the ability to quickly integrate and operationalize new services.

Networks have become increasingly complex with different services running on different networks using different equipment.

  • Benefit from a flexible approach to network simplification through services convergence on common platforms
  • Simplify and unify end-to-end IP network management and operations with support from the Network Services Platform

IP routing optimized: Flexible deployment options

Get the best of both worlds for your IP network: specialized routing hardware and virtualization. Your networks can be fully optimized with the right routing platform in the right network location for your chosen mix of services.

Outperform the market with our 7750 Service Router

The 7750 SR is a high-performance, multiservice IP edge router.

  • Delivers advanced residential, enterprise and mobile services concurrently on a common hardware platform
  • Based on our 2.4 Tb/s FP4 silicon technology and SR OS
  • Delivers the performance, service richness and intelligence needed to drive the bottom line

Gain a competitive edge with our Virtualized Service Router

The VSR is a highly flexible, virtualized IP edge router.

  • Enables rapid service innovation, elastic scalability and lower operating costs through a homogenized infrastructure
  • Based on our SR OS
  • Architected for x86 server environments
  • Delivers 8x control plane and >2x data plane performance vs competitive platforms. The VSR enables infinite scale-out in cloud environments.

Redefine your services. Your way.

Residential broadband: Satisfy consumer expectations to access the internet and watch videos – from anywhere, on any device.

Key applications
  • Broadband network gateway or wireless LAN gateway: Get flexibility and scale as you deliver high quality, lifestyle-centric services.

What you can do

  • Deliver the highest quality video experience
  • Expand with high-performance gaming and personal
  • Offer bundled Wi-Fi® hotspot services

Mobile: Delight mobile users with high-bandwidth, and seamless and secure access – anywhere.

Key applications
  • Mobile backhaul router: Ensure highly reliable backhaul for 2G/3G/4G/LTE cell site traffic.
  • Mobile gateway: Benefit from non-stop services.

What you can do

  • Deliver LTE and LTE-Advanced mobile backhaul services
  • Introduce application, device, and user-aware mobile services
  • Offer seamless connectivity across cellular and Wi-Fi access

Enterprise: Empower enterprises with secure, assured access to storage, apps, and services – from anywhere.

Key applications
  • VPN provider edge: Deliver highly scalable Ethernet and IP/MPLS virtual private network (VPN) services
  • IPsec security gateway: Deliver secure VPN services.

What you can do

  • Give enterprise IT teams more control over network applications
  • Differentiate VPN services with application assurance
  • Lower operational cost and complexity with a common platform for delivering a range of VPN services