Intelligent Traffic Management

The widespread adoption of smart devices and applications brings an exceptional explosion of broadband data to wireless networks. Applications are stressing the network in unpredictable, transient, and at times unexpected ways. Legacy monitoring and analytics tools are no longer adequate to understand these new issues, rendering traditional traffic management approaches ineffective.

The Nokia Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) solution provides much more than basic congestion control. It ensures customer satisfaction and reduces operating costs by protecting the quality of experience (QoE) of subscribers and maintaining the integrity of the network. The solution combines the real-time network intelligence provided by our award-winning Wireless Network Guardian (WNG) with scalable policy control offered by our Dynamic Services Controller (DSC).

Unique in its ability to understand the dynamics of wireless broadband data, the WNG correlates applications to device-specific IP packet flows and understands how every IP packet impacts wireless resources. This true end-to-end intelligence enables identification of specific network anomalies down to the specific device and application. The DSC leverages this intelligence with flexible business rules that can be dynamically triggered.

Offering full support for multivendor and multi-technology networks, ITM empowers wireless service providers to proactively ensure a positive customer experience while maintaining efficient use of network resources.

Intelligent Traffic Management takes advantage of unmatched, real-time network intelligence to ensure:

  • A positive and secure customer experience
  • Efficient use of network resources

Based on market-proven products:

  • Wireless Network Guardian – analytics
  • Dynamic Services Controller – policy control (PCRF)