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Intelligence at scale

Groundbreaking FP4 silicon delivers multi-terabit speeds and intelligence at scale

Our FP4-powered IP routers help you build modern networks that deliver life-changing applications and services to millions of users. They give you the capacity by delivering more than half a petabit of capacity in a six-chassis system. And they help you handle unrelenting traffic growth with high performance routing platforms that refuse to compromise on capabilities and performance.

The FP4’s leading-edge silicon and platform design lets you scale capabilities such as enhanced packet intelligence and control, deep classification, policy, telemetry and security. By scaling these capabilities, you can extend deterministic performance and intelligence across millions of flows.

Our IP routing platforms let service provider and webscale operators take advantage of the FP4’s unique ability to support predictable performance while supporting a rich and comprehensive set of capabilities at very high scale.

The new 7750 SR-s series offer the industry’s highest density platform, capable of handling a 144 Tb/s configuration without sacrificing capabilities that are critical to delivering more secure and adaptable networks. Likewise, the new 7950 XRS-XC is a petabit-class router that combines massive scale with formidable capability. These systems offer thousands of 100GE interfaces and support terabit links, all while collecting and leveraging network insights to optimize and ensure performance and enhance security. Scaling beyond bounds need not be at the expense of network intelligence.

Use our breakthrough FP4 silicon innovations, software and systems to modernize your IP network and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, 5G and the IoT.

Be ready for the unexpected with the Nokia FP4, the newest generation of our IP routing silicon.

Stay ahead of new service demands with routers that blend high capacity with extensive capabilities and the peace of mind that comes with system longevity.

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