In-Building Solutions

In-building: Go big. Go fast. Go now.

Indoor mobile use is the new normal. But 80% of WLAN installations being done now are at risk of not being able to handle the traffic loads by 2015.**


of mobile use occurs inside buildings**


of employees use personal smartphones at work


of companies would switch providers for better indoor service

Is your network keeping up?

Mobile subscribers, enterprises, and building owners want always-on access to advanced applications and services with any device in any indoor environment.

With Nokia In-Building Solutions, you can deliver the quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) mobile users expect everywhere, and keep your enterprise customers happy.

Our innovative, ready-to-deploy in-building solutions make it easier to:

  • Speed deployment of in-building networks that enable new value-added services
  • Scale easily so you can build for today and adapt to change in demand tomorrow
  • Deliver coverage and capacity where your subscribers expect it

End-to-end in-building solutions and services

Innovative enterprise cells

Carrier grade

  • Address the needs of the more than 60 percent of mobile subscribers who complain about poor service in the workplace.
  • Deploy carrier-grade, end-to-end solutions engineered to easily integrate into existing macro networks.
  • Provide faster, more reliable data connections to support existing services.
  • Enable delivery of new business services that integrate easily with enterprise applications.

Plug and play

  • Eliminate special RF planning, engineering, or installation by trained technicians.
  • Reduce deployment costs, decrease the need for large customer support teams, and virtually eliminate the need for massive reprovisioning.

Access control

  • Install small cells designed to operate in closed, open or semi-open mode.

Pay as you grow

  • Increase the number of users on any enterprise cell through a simple software configuration.

Carrier Wi-Fi

  • Provide users with simple, secure, high-speed access and roaming between cellular and Wi-Fi® networks.

Advanced ultra-broadband solutions

Multi-standard small cell

  • Support concurrent 3G and 4G operation, as well as dual carrier 4G with carrier aggregation.
  • Optimize indoor network deployments and make the best use of all available spectrums.
  • Host advanced Wi-Fi capabilities to provide seamless connectivity to mobile users.

Integrated Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solution

  • Reduce the cost of delivering mobile, ultra-broadband access in large public venues.
  • Remove the need for multiple RF processing and attenuation panels.
  • Reduce capital equipment by more than 50%.
  • Reduce cost of materials by 40%.
  • Lower operations costs for multi-operator deployments:
    - 48% total cost of ownership (TCO) savings over 5 years
    - 35% CAPEX savings
    - 87% OPEX savings over 5 years

Massive capacity solution

  • Deploy massive, event-specific capacity in large venues, such as stadiums, arenas, and concert halls.
  • Strategically place a limited number of small cells to immediately deliver capacity to a large number of users over a short period of time.

Proven deployment expertise

Network design services

  • Get to market faster with a fully integrated indoor solution.
  • Leverage network design and deployment services based on deep industry expertise and Bell Labs innovations.

Pre-deployment RF surveys

  • Identify macro dominance, design objectives, and building entry/egress locations to configure access point locations, support a link budget and leverage available backhaul.

Data network analysis for shared backhaul

  • Optimize shared indoor backhaul networks to ensure the indoor small cell backhaul network is ready to meet Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Indoor cell design

  • Control the overlap between macro and indoor cells inside and outside of the building.

Indoor cell optimization

  • Ensure expected quality, resolve coverage issues, and establish correct macro and indoor cell relationships.
  • Speed up RF optimization and, improve network performance.

KPI monitoring

  • Optimize the network with service assurance, per call analytics and self-organizing network (SON) features.

Unleash in-building network potential

of businesses are interested in enterprise cells boosting performance on their premises

of businesses believe it is important for mobile network operators to offer enterprise cells

growth of in-building wireless market expected by 2018

Comprehensive in-building solution portfolio

Get to market immediately with the right combination of indoor coverage and capacity.

Our portfolio of innovative in-building solutions includes advanced DAS, Distributed Radio System (DRS), and small cells technologies and products. Together, these solutions make it easier for you to fully address the requirements of all indoor environments.

And our end-to-end services virtually eliminate in-building challenges, such as indoor clutter, network design, RF interference, cell optimization, and installation.

More than coverage and capacity

Enable a higher quality wireless experience indoors and reduce the cost of application and service delivery.

Together with certified industry partners, we provide in-building network innovations that lower total cost of ownership:

  • Multi-standard small cells for concurrent 3G, 4G, and carrier Wi-Fi operation
  • DAS solutions for neutral-host coverage in multi-operator environments — something all vendors can’t promise

Network design and deployment

Quickly evaluate the unique challenges of any indoor environment and understand the service requirements of all consumer and enterprise users.

Our end-to-end in-building solutions make it easier to deploy tailored networks for cost-effective delivery of enriched services that provide the highest return on investment.

In-building experience and expertise

With more than 49 in-building deployments in 36 countries, we know our way around the deployment challenges that service providers face in the in-building environment.

Our in-building service experts will work with you to simplify and speed design and deployment.

  • Analyze the indoor challenges of each site
  • Develop an integrated solution that leverages the strengths of all available options
  • Recommend the right combination of small cells, DAS, or a combination of multiple products
  • Engineer an integrated solution that provides the right combination of coverage and capacity to suit your unique needs today and into the future

And when you’re ready to deploy, we’ll draw on our network of 10,000 approved installation technicians to get your in-building solution in place quickly and easily.

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