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Home Care

Home Care builds a better customer experience around the connected home

It enables communications service providers (CSPs) to execute on a holistic customer experience management (CEM) vision that combines device management and activation with comprehensive customer care and analytics. Self-service applications are also available, allowing customers to resolve issues and manage services on their own terms — without contacting the help desk. With Home Care, you can reduce costs while delivering a superior connected home experience that inspires customers to stay loyal and spend more.

Optimize the connected home experience

Your customers demand a richer and simpler connected home experience that makes it easy for them to access, consume and get support for services from their home network and connected devices.

To optimize the connected home experience, you need to understand and address it from the customer’s perspective. For customers, the home is the network. It’s an environment that promises compelling new experiences. But it’s also one that constantly presents new complexities and challenges. The key to satisfying customers is to take on each of these challenges with a customer experience vision that spans devices, applications, services and the network.

Create new opportunities to engage customers

The home has become an extension of the network, offering new ways to support and engage customers. Home Care offers self-care clients, applications and portals that make it easy for your customers to access, consume and get support for services from their home-connected devices. Its advanced analytics let you create personalized offers that drive new services adoption and increase revenue.

See and control more of the connected home experience

Your customers want a simple and consistent experience that spans every connection. You want to reduce costs by streamlining support processes. Home Care helps you deliver on both by giving you an end-to-end view of the connected home experience. It provides automated diagnostics and troubleshooting that pinpoint and resolve common broadband issues. It complements this automation with applications that empower both CSRs and consumers to solve a wider range of problems.

Resolve problems before your customers experience them

Network and service reliability influence customers’ perceptions of your brand. Home Care boosts these perceptions by fixing problems before customers notice them. Working proactively, it analyzes data from numerous sources and triggers workflows to correct emerging network connectivity, device configuration, service performance and QoS issues. This proactive approach reduces call drivers and truck rolls, helping you lower operating expenses while improving customer satisfaction, reducing churn, and increasing your Net Promoter Score (NPS).


  • Lower AHT by giving CSRs and customers the data, analysis and processes they need to resolve support issues
  • Improve customer satisfaction with proactive care, resolving problems before your customers notice them
  • Boost brand perception by conducting periodic home network and device health checks to ensure optimal service stability
  • Lower OPEX by reducing the number of calls and the need for customers to engage care agents
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by minimizing needless escalation of routine issues to Tier 2 and 3 support
  • Increase broadband services revenue with targeted offers that appeal to customers


  • 24% of customer retention is attributed to Customer Care
  • 50% of all broadband tech issues required more than one support call
  • 60% increase in subscriber churn by making a single call to customer call center
  • 66% of subscribers would rather self-serve than call a service agent
  • 70% of the service problems are discovered when subscriber calls the service desk

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