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High-Capacity PON for Cable Operators


High-Capacity PON for Cable Operators

Leverage your assets and take control with PON

Cost-effectively expand your access networks with Nokia high-capacity passive optical network (PON) solutions. And use our Ethernet PON (EPON) with DOCSIS® provisioning of EPON (DPoE™) capabilities to manage an EPON network and integrate it smoothly into your existing infrastructure. Our solutions help you evolve your access network to address the changing needs of residential and business customers.

You know the story: The number of connected devices is increasing dramatically. Video-on-demand applications such as Netflix® are expanding rapidly. And competitors are rolling out their own fiber networks. Now’s the time to take control.

As a cable operator, you’re well positioned. By leveraging your large customer base and IP and broadband incumbency, you can build out your networks and IP infrastructure with new access technologies, including PON.


Grow your business

Residential customer base growth with gigabit networks

In Europe, only 40 percent of the residential market is served by cable – so there’s huge growth potential for ambitious operators. And the evolution to higher quality video, such as 4K resolution and unicast, is underway. These forces are driving the need for more and more residential IP access bandwidth.

Business services delivery

Business services, a non-traditional market, are also poised to become a key growth area. High-capacity PON solutions work here, too. They provide greater network bandwidth both upstream and downstream, as well as superior quality of service – essential for business customers.

With Nokia PON solutions, you can deliver competitive business services today—in addition to providing a solid foundation to meet the ever-increasing need for gigabit residential services. Take control of your future with PON.

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